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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Longitude Connecting 2010 Disasters in North America?

Canada O Canada ...

Oh No, Not Canada?!!!

Canada had an Earthquake today! They're saying it was a 5.5'er but the USGS site right now is saying it is a 5.0'er. The Canadians don't have to worry. It wasn't all that big and they have universal health care coverage if someone falls in a crack. I've heard that they don't even really worry about having Diabetes up there. So this is a weird one. Uranus is at 1 Aries conjunct Jupiter and the Descendant. They are opposing Saturn 29 Virgo and ASC 6 Libra. They are squaring Sun-Mercury-MC-SN opposing IC-Pluto-NN. Uranus isn't ruling any angles but Canada doesn't usually have earthquakes so why should they follow one of my best rules?

I'll look at the Canada chart later because it fits in with my observation that Earthquakes like it Cardinal Signy. The Sun is starting to wake up which I really didn't want to happen until the end of the year. We are just past the Solstice by 2 days and the Eclipses are now within earshot and Pluto and the North Node are in conjunction in Capricorn and there's this Grand Square in the sky and it was right on the angles in today's weird Earthquake. If you don't have any Capricorn friends you had better hang out at the REI and go find some real quick.

Right now I'm remembering a really amazing connection that either Richard Nolle predicted, or somebody else did, but either way it was on the Astrodienst forum after the Chile Earthquake struck earlier this year. Somebody noticed that the Chile Earthquake had the same Longitude as the Haiti Earthquake. So, this Canadian earthquake is farther North and about 3 degrees West of the Longitude of the Southern Earthquakes.

The Horizon Deepwater Oil Spill is now emptying out all kinds of Neptunian Oil into the Neptunian Ocean. Out of curiosity I checked that chart as well because it looks like it might be part of the line. That Longitude is 16 degrees West of Chile's and Haiti's epicenters (hope I've got that information correct).

I just looked at the USGS Map that posts recent earthquakes and there's activity along all the faultlines all over the world right now. It should be a lot worse in July, but maybe we'll get lucky.

Canada Earthquake, border Ontario and Quebec

June 23, 2010 1741 UTC (1:41 pm LT)
35 km NW Buckingham, Quebec
45.862 degrees N, 75.457 degrees West

Haiti Earthquake, 7.0
Jan. 12, 2010 21:53:10 UTC (4:53 pm LT)

18.457 degrees N, 72 degrees 533 West

Chili Earthquake, 8.8

Feb. 27, 2010 6:34:14 UTC (3:34 am LT)

35.909 S, 72 degrees 733 W

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Apr. 20, 2010 10:00 pm

28.73667 degrees N, 88.88716 W

There have been earthquakes all over the place. But just had to check this one line.

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