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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Solar Return Chart for United States, 2010

Wish I were Marilyn. I could sing Happy Birthday to the U.S.A. in a way which may wake its sorry ass up. But, sorry, not endowed with those skills. Although I'm going to try to do a little reading for my country tis of thee, that good experiment which turned into a materialistic greed fest for mean people somewhere down the road and may be back on another road to something better. Let's see.

I'm using the Sibley Chart with the Sagittarius Rising.

United States of America
July 4, 1776 5:10 pm Philadelphia, PA


Sun 14 Cancer (H7); Moon 28 Aquarius (H3); ASC 13 Sagittarius; MC 2 Libra; NN 8 Leo Rx

Solar Return Chart for 2010:

Sun 14 Cancer (H12); Moon 23 Aries (H10); ASC 29 Cancer; MC14 Aries; NN 12 Capricorn

Since this is a Solar Return Chart I will look at the Sun first. The Sun in Cancer is placed is the 12th House and is conjunct the South Node. It is opposing Pluto and North Node in the 6th House. This Solar Return is sandwiched between a Lunar and Solar Eclipse so is significant in some way. The planets/signs involved represent the triad of water signs. Something involving health, especially public health. I think that the Health Care bill is going through at some point this year so perhaps this is a significant indicator that this will be the major advancement for the country this year. The Sun in the 12th House could indicate that we will withdraw from relations with other countries and hopefully perhaps withdraw from the wars. The 12th House represents secret enemies and self-undoing. Sun opposite Pluto brings power plays. In H6 and H12 these power plays will be subtle and passive aggressive. There may, just may, be concern from higher up powers to really help people. But there may be a feeling of hopelessness and victimization that needs to be powerfully led. The real stuff that occurs won't be televised.

It looks like anything having to do with selling Glamour will make money this year. Venus is in one of the houses of its rulerships, H2, so the Banking Industry will be very strong. Ben Bernanke will continue in his role as Eye Candy. But Venus is opposed by Neptune in the 8th House of Other People's Money. There could be more bankruptcies and financial losses along with an occasional miracle and/or deception. Money right now can be made off of selling glamour, sugar, drugs, maybe even the arts. Of course, with this Neptune influence, and with the Sun in 12th House the country is struggling with the worst Oil Spill in our history.

This chart has a seesaw chart shape so find a Sagittarius and hold on for dear life, they seem to fare pretty well when life turns into an amusement park ride.

There is a huge push to begin something new, which leadership will just be planting the seeds for, but as a whole we're not ready for it. The Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant and the Midheaven are all in Cardinal Signs. That's starter energy but most of the planets are placed off the angles in the mutable houses. That shows that we're still working on some refinements of old ideas. And the Talking Heads are still wasting a lot of our time with their sweet nothings. Does that mean a lot of useless banter on a blog like this? Actually, it seems that I lose readership when I give accurate information through astrology, so, what the hay.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Aries on the first degrees. That's gotta be good for something. Perhaps there will be inventions right now which will be used in public ways. But they will be associated with greed and ruthlessness and insecurities or lack of knowledge in some way because of the connection with Saturn and Pluto. There will be suppression of real information. We need very much to base decisions on what will truly bring quality of life in the future and not which political party/racist/sexist/mo-fo can undermine the other one best. We are going to hurt ourselves if we continue to be a Nation of Talking Heads but those types are the ones who will make the money this year. Nasty power surges. A huge batch of future evil step-parents will be born this year along with people who have really incredible powers of invention. Start the kids reading Aristotle at a young age and force Plato on them by Jr. High.

Overall, with Pluto in the 6th House I think this shows that the country's heart is in a good place when it comes to understanding where change needs to happen. But, just because someone is faking humility it doesn't mean that they have the personal power or desire to actually do something. We will look for changes in areas of work and public health and hopefully sustainable everyday quality for everyday people and hope to Hell for leadership on these issues.

The media, in particular, could still be hurt. Talking about the little guy is boring as hell, after all. Right now Saturn is in the 3d house in Virgo. They may actually chose to remain silent and fearful on key issues rather than to speak out. Or they may be too authoritarian, too specialized or too analytical or cruel. Oh No, it looks like another Ken Burns special on the horizon!

Mars is also in the 3d House which could show some fresh new insights in this area. Military defense on the internet. Some courageous and adventurous journalism along with a lot of news casters who talk too fast. Maybe Mexico will ask all its expatriots to return home showing confidence in its own people for the first time in its history. Wouldn't that just be the cat's ass?

The Moon rules this Chart and is placed up in the 10th House in Aries. This shows a lot of push and power by Women, the Public, Patriotism, Real Estate, Tradition, Conservative values. This is the only planet on an angle. Martha Stewart may get a cool new show in which she shows us how to bake our children into little pies. Or the melting pot may actually begin to re-gel. There will be a sense of fundamentalism that doesn't consider all angles due to lack of preparedness. There are no planets in any of the other angles so this Lunar Emphasis really stands out.

In anything having to do with business, find a need and fill it.

Higher Education may bring great innovations. Immigrants, or International Relations at any rate, may also either be a huge source of these riches, or they will create a lot of problems by the usual bitching and complaining and materialistic self interest and lack of knowledge. Either way they are figuring strongly. Hopefully the broken sewer and water infrastructure won't bring Cholera into the country in a big way.

Saturn rules the Descendant and H7 House is empty. Our relations with others show that they are enjoying their authority. This could pose a problem through neighboring countries, though, as Mars and Saturn are in Virgo in the 3d house. That has a militant vibe. We have to be careful not to play Big Brother but to also realize when help is needed and to be discerning about how to offer it. The President has a natal Mars in Virgo so he may understand how to deal with this naturally.

Hopefully some other Astrologers will interpret this chart.

edited later on in the day after a beer.)



Blogger Molly said...

"Mars is also in the 3d House which could show some fresh new insights in this area. Military defense on the internet. Some courageous and adventurous journalism along with a lot of news casters who talk too fast."

Nice. Could that be interpreted as lots of military secrets being leaked online? Right on.

Thanks for your articles - I read every now and then, and enjoy your wisdom as well as the humor. Keep it up!

7:30 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi Molly,

Thank you for visiting. And thanks for pointing this out. I, of course, have absolutely no memory of having written this and it does sort of line up with big military info leak, doesn't it?

12:03 AM  

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