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Friday, July 02, 2010

Al Gore Lets a Snowball Into Hell

Is it hot in here or is that Al Gore? (just had to say it)

An Oregon Massage Therapist has said that Vice President Al Gore hired her, rented her out as it were, to come to his hotel room back in 2006. Al didn't just want a relaxing massage, some kind of special technique with an Asian name that she specializes in. Al had something else on his mind. Hmmm, what could that be? The Massage Therapist says that Al tried to buy a little love. He didn't actually try to barter, he cranked up the music, he grabbed, he pinned her on the bed. This shit always works for Austin Powers. It even works to some extent for Mickey Rourke. And I wonder how many times it has worked for Al Gore. And we don't know exactly what happened. We are innocent here. We don't know. The Massage Therapist didn't leave the room until 1:30. But, as we all know, once one has committed to an appointment, one must always live up to one's end of the bargain.

The Police were notified at some point and they brushed off an investigation. The woman says that her friends, the Birkenstock Crowd, told her to "brush it off." What's more important? Her self esteem or the icebergs? Well, of course the icebergs are more important (although anybody who drives a car apparently doesn't know this, that includes me). Besides, she wasn't raped.

Now the Police are re-opening the case. The woman has been to the rape crisis center and her work has suffered. We are going to hear now about how she's crazy, makes stuff up, once had to swipe her ATM three times through the slot before the transaction went through so even the machinery knows a loser ....

And so now we have a story about Al Gore's style of sexual expression exposed for all to read. I assume that it's close to true. Gore is an Aries and Aries can be aggressive.

When Clinton had his affairs I didn't care because I wasn't surprised. I knew he was a womanizer when I voted for him. But, Al Gore is supposed to be pure as the driven snow. Al Gore is absolutely the only reason why I stopped trying to space out during news talks about politics. I just have to keep growing up. These shockers.

Looking at the astrology for that particular evening is pretty amazing. I don't have her birth date, of course. Her name is Molly. Molly is now 54. This means that back in 2006, which is 4 years ago, she would have been going through her Chiron Return. Chiron is the teacher who couldn't heal his own wounds. So, I wonder if it's typical that one can't heal whatever happens during a Chiron return. Since I'm going through mine now I'd say that it could be.

When connected with Mars, Chiron is sometimes thought to indicate rape. And Chiron was squaring Mars that night. But, it sounds like the Massage Therapist wasn't raped. And, to be honest, it sounds like her reaction is extreme, but then again, I don't know. If you go to a guy's hotel room at the witching hour, you are sort of asking for it. And often this makes rape accusations difficult to understand. It's like how when I was in my 20s and I had friends who ran home through dark alleys in the bad side of town. They all got raped or attacked. Doesn't matter. I went to a party at a better side of town and still got raped. The Neptune in Scorpio generation. I guess that's what we were all about.

And I don't want to think about this except that the astrology is very educational for future Massage Therapists who want to avoid getting attacked when they go to rich guy's hotel rooms in the middle of the night. I don't know what it means for actual Call Girl/Prostitutes which is another story altogether, but it would be nice if somebody thought about their welfare every once in a while. Some nights you can get away with this stuff. And some nights you can't. This particular night was meant for howling, that's for sure. Five planets were in Scorpio and now we've know everything we ever wanted to know about Al Gore's gonads.

So the Scorpio planets. Right at the beginning of Scorpio the Sun, Venus and Mars were together at 2 degrees. That's early in the sign. They had just passed over from Libra. One minute Venus is ruling that conjunction. Next minute Mars is in charge. We're not playing Libra peek-a-boo games anymore.

At the end of Scorpio there was a conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter. Call in the Cops. Call in the Lawyers: Sex for Sale. Mercury and Jupiter rule communications and Scorpio keeps things secret. That's a quandary. Either way, keep the Kundalini under wraps because if that stuff blows right now it's gonna look ugly. So now we all have to ponder "When you say No, do you really mean it?" Scorpio rules revenge. It also rules other people's money. It also rules very deep hurts. And Plutonians say that it leads to healing but the rest of us pretty much don't. (It just leads to Sagittarius which rules Lawyers and trips to Church).

I'm pretty disappointed in Al Gore. Thing is, you don't hire a licensed Massage Therapist for anything but Massage Therapy. I guess Al was afraid of getting the clap from a real hooker maybe? Maybe he was too embarrassed to rent one. Maybe, Capricorn Moon that he is, he was being cheap and just wanted to save a few bucks. What did Eliot Spitzer pay for his big date? $4,000? This licensed massage therapist, STD free, I think received $300 cash. They don't even have sales tax in Oregon. What a deal. Capricorn Moons come up pretty high in the statistics in relation to alcohol abuse so one wonders...

And the Massage Therapist? Well, my dilemma is this. It depends how you look at her. Is she considered a woman in this case? Or is she considered a Professional Massage Therapist? Because as a woman I defend her situation 100 percent, granted I don't have a clue what actually went on. But, I was date raped by an Aries guy so from a subjective point of view (which is all I can give), I feel very bad for her. Yes, friends side with the accused. It's easier. Either way they don't defend you. That's the bad side of hanging out with pacifists. They like to "do" by talking about things and then it turns out they can't even listen. And the married women, you'll be wishing it would happen to them by the time this is over. In the end Molly probably won't be going to anymore midnight rendezvous at hotel rooms. And she shouldn't have been doing that anyway. Let the Hookers do it. Better yet, go give the Hookers a massage. No one deserves to be treated well than they do.

So then there's the question of what can a Massage Therapist expect out in the field? What I mean here is that Massage Therapists are trained to work with the human body. The human body is here first and foremost to procreate. Plus it's Al Gore, we're talking about. He's rich. He's powerful. He couldn't have done the things he's done without his mojo. Plus, physically, he's super stiff and just one warm touch of a finger is probably going to unleash 50,000 past lifetimes of kundalini (assuming that's how Kundalini works). In addition, the guy got royally screwed in his career. There's going to be some major pent up rage going on in there and rage comes from the same place that sexuality does. It also sounds like Al needs to hang up his beer bottles for a stretch at any rate.

The police report alleges that the incident took place at a Hotel Room in Portland, Oregon starting at 11:00 pm on Oct. 24, 2006. The Massage Therapist was supposed to go to the room at 10:30 but Gore delayed the appointment. Al, big mistake. The 10:30 would have set those Scorpio planets off the angles, even in the fun house (H5). Instead you let her in when everything was entering the 4th House. The 4th House rules hotels, but it also rules swamp lands.

And Lilith was there. Lilith is always there. And you don't want to piss a woman off when Lilith is there. Lilith was at 1 Libra right on the IC at the stroke of 11. Libra rules Marriage and IC rules Homelife and, as I said, also Hotels and Swamps, and the Aries Point brings everything before the public eye. And Lilith? Lilith is the first wife. Need we say more? She got dumped by Adam because she wanted equality with him. And she killed the kids to get revenge (in some of the stories, not the ones that the Birkenstockers read, but ..).

Of course, the Midheaven of this Chart, the point on the wheel that shows how it will be viewed by the public, is at 1 Aries and that's aggression.

Big Chunk of Iceberg snaps off Al Gore's Beer Bottle

Oct. 24, 2006 11:00 pm Portland, Or

Sun 2 Scorpio; Moon 6 Sagittarius; ASC 23 Cancer; MC 1 Aries; NN 24 Pisces

Wouldn't you just love to be working for Al Gore's Lawyer right now and stamping "Confidential" in big red letters on all this paperwork? Oh, the after effects of those super Scorpio nights....


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