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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Timing Vaccinations?

An English Doctor created an uproar in the Medical Community by saying that Vaccinations can cause Autism. He has now lost his license because parents weren't having their children vaccinated and certain diseases have introduced themselves into the U.S. at any rate. This is actually because of the out of control illegal immigration from 3d world countries but for now we will blame this on the English. Hey guys, that's what you get for speaking English.

I wanted to take a look at what's being done to the babies right now. Western Medical Doctors have become in my eyes like the police. You just try to avoid them because they hurt just as much as they help. But, when you need them, you really need them.

The CDC has published a great website which shows the vaccination schedules for both children and adults. I hope that the doctors at the CDC are half as talented as their computer graphics department because this thing is awesome. It turns out that kids are getting a lot of shots these days. They are being vaccinated for multiple diseases at once and are getting booster shots about every other month during their first 6 months. Most are given in series of 4.

That seems extreme but I wonder if Astrologers couldn't make use of these schedules by instructing people about safety of the timing for each child. Probably Medical Astrologers already do. I mean, maybe if a child's natal chart shows some sort of weakness in an area which is indicated by the disease that he's getting vaccinated for, his vaccinations could be juggled around. He shouldn't be vaccinated during the time of an Eclipse Set over his Sun or Moon or Ascendant. Maybe if Mercury Retrogrades over his 6th House he might be extra vulnerable to nervous system and respiratory disorders. If his first Mars Return is a Retrograde lasting 6 months or so the parents will probably just ask to have him put down (that's a joke, you know, terrible two's...).

I don't know when I received vaccinations but I do know that my Mother would have followed all the Doctors orders and I would have received them on schedule. I know that I got Bronchial Asthma when I was 3 months old. That sounds like a typical disease for a Cancer Sun with Gemini Rising to get. No biggee. But, I got the first attack while there was an Eclipse Set setting off key points in my chart (Sun, Moon, Nodal Axis). Maybe I had a bad reaction to a Whooping Cough vaccination? I spent my entire childhood scaring people with the crazy cough that I would get, after all. At any rate, the Doctors couldn't cure it through any safe baby methods so they ended up giving me what they were giving the adults. I've since read that this was a combination drug for psychiatric problems, both an upper and a downer in the same pill. The drug, also contained a legitimate asthma medication which is kind of difficult to dose. Apparently it is only effective right at the precise level that it also becomes lethal. So, yay, I remember lying in bed gasping for air and thinking: "This shit isn't working, I wonder if I will die today." What can I say? Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo squaring Jupiter in Scorpio. Either way, I contracted all kinds of weird illnesses during my childhood. Maybe I was just having bad reactions to the vaccinations. Maybe it was the Wonder Bread. Maybe it was the fact that my parents smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day each. Who knows? All the doctors smoked.

I don't have enough of a Medical Astrology knowledge to understand all the influences for the various diseases which are prevented through vaccination so I will give a very rudimentary keyword rulership from Rex Bills' Rulership book. Probably there is really great information out there about this. I think that the Medical Logo should now just be a picture with a syringe with a banner that says "Shut up and take the pill." Why can't Pluto in Virgo just admit that they don't know it all? Instead they start to cite studies.

Here's the link to the CDC list:


Birth - Hepatitis B - Liver - Jupiter/Sagittarius, they give 3 doses of this: Birth, 1 to 2 months, 6 to 8 months, Might also check for afflicted or vulnerable Moon (Moon in Sagittarius or in difficult aspect to Jupiter and relating to a Health House)

DTaP will get 5 doses of this

Diptheria: Taurus, Venus
tetanus: Uranus (Saturn)
pertussis (Whooping Cough): Gemini, Mercury (Sagittarius, Mars) from Bills

Hib will get 4 doses of this

Pneumococcal conjugate (Infections of the blood, brain, joints, inner ears, or lungs).

Infections: Mars, Pluto
Blood: Jupiter, Sagittarius (Leo for Heart, Aquarius for Circulation)
Brain: Mercury, Aries, Moon (1, Sun, 3)
diseases of Brain: Aries, Mercury (Sun)
Joints: Saturn, Capricorn, 10
Lungs: 3, Mercury, Gemini (I thought this was Cancer!)
Pneumonia: Gemini, Mercury, (Saturn, Jupiter)
Inner Ears: Taurus = Ears, but inner ears: Mercury and Saturn (my guess on this one)?

Polio (IPV) Will get 4 doses of this
Saturn, Capricorn (Neptune)

Rotavirus - will get 3 doses of this
Diarrhea and vomiting Virgo (Moon, Mars)

Influenza - 2 doses starting at 6 months or older
Virus: Pluto

MMR - Measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) 2 doses of this
Measles: Mars, Aries (Moon, Venus)
Mumps: Taurus (Aries)

Varicella (Chickenpox) 2 doses of this

Hepatitis A 2 doses
Liver (Jupiter)
Virus (Pluto)

Meningococcal conjugate (Meningitis, septicemia, carditis, septic arthritis, pneumonia)
(not in Bills)
inflammation: Mars, Moon, maybe Jupiter
Sepsis: Saturn, Pluto
Brain: Mars
Spine: Sun, Uranus
Stiff neck: Taurus?
Blood: Jupiter, Sagittarius (Leo, Aquarius)

Human Papillomarvirus (Females only)
Venus, Pluto? (not in Bills)
warts: Saturn (Jupiter)

Pretty interesting how these vaccinations follow certain parts of the planetary return cycles. I've been studying how emotional trauma which occurs at these particular spots can cause problems down the line. So maybe it's best to avoid these dates, especially if the vaccination is going to affect illnesses that are ruled by the particular planet that is having the return. I mean, don't give a boatload of 11-12 year old girls with Jupiter in Scorpio a Human Papillomavirus vaccine. Doi.

The first 18 months are extremely busy for planetary returns of inner planets. 1st year is mostly Lunar Returns. Then at Age 1 there is the first Solar Return. Before and after that point, 2 months in either direction are the Mercury and Venus Returns. The first Mars Return occurs around Age 2. Jupiter's first square and trine occur around Age 3 and 4. The first square of the Nodal Axis (strongly affected by Eclipses) occurs between Age 4 and 5.

Jupiter seems to have a very strong influence. When we are born we are immediately given a Hepatitis B shot and these are repeated every other month for the 1st year and then we are given Hepatitis A shots. At around the Age of the first Jupiter Return kids are now going to be given more and more vaccinations I guess: Tdap (Diptheria, tetanus and whooping cough), Meningitis, and for the girls, warts.

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