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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pick Me 2010

The Pluto in Scorpio generation is kicking in big time when you start hearing the ugly stories coming from this year's Miss Universe Pageant. What a lovely group of young ladies.

First Miss Philippines flubbed her question. That's always news. They asked Venus Raj to describe a personal flaw and to explain how she overcame it. Miss P. perfunctorily said that she didn't have any flaws, nor had she ever had any flaws. Now that's a Queen. Turns out Venus Raj is a Sun in Cancer and her Sun and Mercury have recently progressed into Leo, the sign of Superiority and Confidence. Hey, she's new at this Queenly stuff, have tolerance. Her prog. Mercury is at 1 degree of that sign so she's entering an extended period of learning how to gracefully fake humility. Actually, Miss Raj has suffered a retrograde Mercury during most of her childhood so communication was probably not something that was shared within her immediate environment. Since she grew up in a Quonset hut with no running water or electricity (according to my memory of the story as told on Wiki), and since she has managed to graduate from College I can see how she probably hasn't had much time to reflect on her flaws. When you jump from one extreme to the other, grass shack to college dorm to Miss Universe at such an early age you don't do it by doubting yourself. Wisdom will come with age. Actually wisdom makes us age. At least she's pretty and enjoying it.

Now there's a new story. Miss Congeniality, Jesinta Campbell of Australia, has come forth with a sabotage story. Ew, nice. This gets nasty. Take a chair, get a glass of water, better yet a beer or vodka-tonic, these women are lethal. Miaou-ou-ou-ou. Made for TV Movie anyone?

It seems that when Jesinta Campbell went to put on her Ball Gown it was stuck with 6 pins. They scratched her back. Yes, the other girls made a human voodoo doll out of Miss Congeniality! I've been noticing that the kids these days are really nasty but this is nuts. Well Miss Congeniality has a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Leo. Yes, that's a signature of a friendly person which the other gals don't have I might add. But Sun-Jupiter is squaring Pluto in Scorpio. In walks revenge and sabotage. Reality show shit. Scorpio also suffers from extremes of confidence, same as the Sun, but Pluto works from behind the scenes whereas Leo likes the Spotlight thing. Besides all those kids who were born during the Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn generation are coming of age. Donald Trump is going to be making so much money off of their antics. There will be a Murder at the Miss Universe Pageant by the time these guys age out.

Anyway, Miss Congeniality's chart shows an extreme situation with the Retrogrades. That brings on forced bouts of unfloatable introspection into a person's life. She was born with Mercury and Venus conjunct at 6 Virgo. They are both Retrograde. Communication and Loveability are big Question Marks in Miss Congeniality's life. Miss Congeniality's progressed Mercury is just stationing Direct this year on top of her natal Sun-Jupiter. She's speaking her truth about the situation and not cowering in the corner. Good for her. Leo is Courageous and Jupiter seeks Justice. It really is impossible to dislike this woman.

A whole lot of these pageant queens appear to have a hefty showing of inner planets in the earth signs (good bone structure?). There is a chance that 4 out of the top 5 winners has a Taurus Moon. Miss Philippines may have an Aries Moon... The other one of the top five most likely has a Virgo Moon, so also in the earthly category.

The other girls who placed up in the top five have almost no Retrogrades by progression. You definitely wouldn't want to be in a Beauty pageant with that kind of thing weighing you down. Too much introspection and self questioning. The kids your age with Progressed Mercury Rx are all working at McDonalds. And the kids with Progressed Venus Rx are cutting themselves and getting tattoos. (That's a joke, remember Miss Congeniality has both and she came in as 2d runner up. And if Beauty Pageants are anything like other competitions, usually the 1st runner up is more deserving of the win).

Miss Congeniality was asked who she suspects did this awful thing to her. She pointed to the Philippines or the Latin countries. Well, a little corruption and a lot of ambition can be big motives for performing various acts of voodoo.

The Winner was Ximena Nararrete of Mexico. She's a beautiful Pisces. Her progressed Sun is conjunct her natal North Node so she was due for a big win. Congratulations!

And alas Miss U.S.A., Rima Fakih did not place. I'm a Capricorn Moon so all I can think is, Good for her. She has a Sun-Pluto conjunction so I think she's got a bigger fate than the beauty pageant thing. At least, she's probably got a very serious side which wants to make a real difference in the world. And she probably also has a better idea than anybody who put the pins in Miss Australia's chiffon.

I don't know what time the show began. It took place in Las Vegas. There was almost a Full Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron with an unaspected Mercury Rx. Oh, yeah, and Venus conjunct Mars in Libra. Good circus.

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