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Saturday, January 08, 2011

The "Aflockalypse": Solstice,Eclipse, Mars, Pluto and the North Node

Since New Year's Eve flocks of birds have been dying all across the globe. Scientists say it's a natural occurrence. Conspiracy theorists sound more convincing than ever about what kinds of dark plots are behind the die offs. The Government is saying nothing.

The first set of birds to die off was a flock of about 3,000 red winged black birds in Beebe, Arkansas. They were found lying all over the ground just a day before thousands of fish turned up dead along the shores of a river about 20 miles??? away. Since that time flocks of mostly birds have turned up dead all around the Globe. Google has made a map showing the locations: http://news.yahoo.com/s/theweek/20110107/cm_theweek/210807.

The first set of birds is said to have died from bleeding due to internal caused by blunt force. Toxicology tests won't be out on the fish for a month. Was it caused by supersonic warfare games? The Air Force has a laboratory at the University of Arkansas. Was it caused by fracking? Someone on the Astro.com forum posted an article about how the amount of earthquakes related to "fracking" has increased in Arkansas by a huge amount over the year 2010.

I sort of wonder if this isn't related to the intensity of the recent Total Lunar Eclipse which also occurred within 12 hours of the Winter Solstice. Maybe even more important would be the conjunction of Mars and Pluto to the Sun and North Node in Capricorn. Pluto represents Death and Killings and Mass Killings, Mars represents Violence especially in combination with the Moon and Sun. There are strong Pisces influences in the charts which can show the end of the World vibe that people are relating to this: Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces. The sign of Capricorn might indicate Government or Corporate Involvement, or just Men With Serious God Complexes. Maybe it's just the Swiss needing to adjust the Axis of the Earth in order to keep their watches ticking perfectly. Perhaps the Frackers figure they better hurry up before someone catches on to their act as well? Either way, Fracking is both violent and gives off noxious gases. There's a great documentary out there showing how toxic this is.

In Dec. 21, 2007 a flock of Purple Martins fell on to the streets of New York City. That just happens to be the Winter Solstice which seems related to the current event. There was no Mars-Pluto aspect on that day. Mars was in conjunction with Venus in Pluto's sign, however at 14-15 Scorpio. Pluto 18 Sagittarius and Sun 30 Sagittarius were opposing Saturn 26 Gemini.

The Most Recent Eclipse before this event would have been a Partial Solar Eclipse which occurred on Setp. 11, 2007. It does have a Mars-Pluto-Sun-Moon-NN connection. This was a New Moon (Sun-Moon conjunction) at 19 Virgo which was in a Grand Square to Mars 22 Gemini opposing Pluto 27 Sagittarius.

I hope to come back to this at some point to look for more charts of die offs.

Here's a list that I found of supposedly true incidents of raining frogs and fish from the sky going back to the 1800s. http://paranormal.about.com/od/earthmysteries/a/Weird-Weird-Rain.htm

For conspiracy theory comparisons there is something called the Dugway Sheep Kill Incident in which 6,249 Sheep were found murdered in Skull Valley. Mars (War) was in Aries conjunct the North Node and Saturn in Aries. Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction in Virgo opposing Sun-Chiron in Pisces. All kinds of tests were done on the sheep. These are good charts to use for comparison in trying to understand if the military were involved.

Nerve Gases on Mar. 13, 1968, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
Massive killing 3,000 sheep: Mar 17, 1968 12:30 am
Sun 27 Pisces; Moon 2 Scorpio; ASC 20 Sagittarius; NN 20 Aries; MC 11 Libra

Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugway_sheep_incident

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