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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Birth of the Global Elite

While reading an article about how people don't really read anything in depth anymore I sort of glanced through an interesting article in The Atlantic Monthly this morning. And I didn't really read the article in depth. I just noticed that it looked really, really interesting, talking about how there's this subset of hyper rich people who live on an international level and don't have much to do with the rest of us, except maybe give to charity and stuff. Hey, it's Sunday and this is about as religious as I can get it.

The article is called "The Rise of the Global Elite" by Chrystina Freeland (did I get her name right?). It's about the "Plutocratic Elite." Right there we see the Astrobabble burbling up. Plutocratic Elite? Pluto in Sagittarius and Capricorn? Top of the heap? Don't leap? (Sorry that last one rhymed so I just stuck it in).

Freeland says that this new age of young super rich and well educated kids (and their prostitutes, don't forget the hookers) who exist on an International level began when a company called Blackstone (Black=Saturn+Pluto?) equity went public with an offering on June 21, 2007. The owners were able to become Billionaires pretty much instantly. There was also a book signing on that day at somebody's private home about a book which talks about and sort of describes this crowd of super wealthy people. The book was written by some rich guy's daughter who is also rich herself. It's about Rich Mothers or something which I don't understand. Since I only glanced over the article I can't say any more than that. Go buy the magazine. It just makes sense since the Sun was right over the Gemini/Cancer cusp on the Aries Point. Cancer rules Moms and Homes and also Long Distance overseas travels (even rich homes) and the Aries Point is said to bring celebrity of whatever type. Cyberspace, or Your Place? (not clever, but rhymes).

And, this Sun at 30 Gemini is also opposing Pluto 28 Sagittarius Rx, the planet of Power hungriness and hey, dude, act charming and friendly and let's go to that hot new club that nobody else can get in to. Pluto is hovering back and forth over the Galactic Center doing its thing on the spot that is supposed to again get triggered somehow in the 2012 debacle, only with the Earth energy rather than the Pluto energy. (Neptune and Uranus were at this spot in the late 1980s).

June 21, 2007 Blackstone public offering and snobby book publishing party about the rich
Sun 30 Gemini; Moon Virgo; NN 11 Pisces

The Global Aspect of the situation is pretty clear through the middle and outer planets' connections in the chart.

Jupiter, sign of International Relations and Travel, is in its own sign of Sagittarius. It is trining Saturn in Leo - Social connection connected with the Royalty thing. And it is accompanied by Pluto in Sagittarius and as I said Pluto is all about Power and is opposing the Sun which is also about Power. The Power and Fame Game. (I rhymed again).

Also, Uranus is conjunct the Pisces North Node. The Global Connection of wealth made possible by Technology and Science. Uranus and Neptune are in their long term mutual reception. In the chart, this is mirrored on a personal basic by a Moon-Mercury mutual reception.

Saturn 22 Leo is conjunct Venus (money, luxury) and opposing Neptune 22 Aquarius Rx. This isn't really about Sex as much as it is about prestige and personal comfort. Neptune is conjunct Chiron, so that's maybe a clinker, maybe not. These folks might feel twinges of guilt over their situation. (Twinges). They probably can look down from the windows of their personal jets and tell you all about who's starving and raping and pillaging where and how much they have given and will give and maybe will even do a meet n' greet next July after that big merger wraps up.

Mercury is Retrograde in this chart at 11 Cancer. Something about self protection here? Conservative, family values and traditions despite the international thing? Mercury will remain Rx by progression until around 2025 so this generation will certainly enjoy itself. This is a generation which is seeding a whole new set of somethings. Mercury is trining the North node but is unaspected to other planets which gives a sort of isolationist aspect and gives it yet more prominence. I can't say what it will mean. They might collect villages the way I collect yarn balls. It's a Gemini/Cancer thing, to collect.

Oh, and Mars and Jupiter are in their own signs. That's playful. That's firey. Jupiter and Neptune are in accidental dignity. but there are no planets in detriment or Fall. More Blessings. Kind of a set of Fairy Godmother aspects.

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