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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mindsteps to the Cosmos

Found a free download of a book written by an Astronomer which links Past Events with Present Events (well, as of 1983) with what's going on in the skies.

Mindsteps to the Cosmos: A Famous Astronomer Explores Our Five Magnificent Leaps in Understanding the Cosmos.
by Gerald S. Hawkins


From the website:

Mindsteps to the Cosmos shows how modern global civilization depends on giant leaps of understanding that have been made in the past. Science and technology have been inspired and formulated by the sky — the cosmos in which we live. Human development could not have taken place on a cloud-shrouded planet. Mathematics was invented to track the movements of the sun, moon and stars even though back then these were thought to be gods. The space program has taken us beyond the earth, and satellite systems are exploring to the ends of the visible universe. This book provides the reader with algorithms to construct personal computer programs for finding the position of the moon and planets, and for calculating dates through historic periods in the Egyptian as well as the old and new style calendars.


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