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Monday, February 14, 2011

Posture and Depression

I was flipping through one of those encyclopedic books that covers all kinds of information about health conditions in statistics and bullet points. I think this particular one was put out by Reader's Digest and I don't have the title. Sorry.

One interesting point spoke about a connection between Depression and Posture. I can't remember if the Chapter was about Mental Health, Back Pain, or the Aging Process. The comment, I think it was in an off-set box to the side of the rest of the text, said that usually people assume that a person will express depression through bad posture. The point here was that a person with Bad Posture might also become depressed as a result of not holding himself up correctly.

This is interesting to look at from Astrological Keyword Point of View. Nobody really can pinpoint one indicator for Depression. Capricorn? Cancer? Pisces? Scorpio? Mercury?

Old Age is ruled by Saturn. Saturn also rules the bones.

The Back is ruled by the Sun. That's what I think is interesting. I suspect that the Sun is a key indicator of really bad depression. The reason why I think this is because when I took the Homeopathy for Idiots class we learned that you give the Homeopathic form of Gold to a person who is Suicidal. They suffer from a loss of light, vitality, and glow. Homeopathic remedies seem to follow all kinds of what seems to be illogical connections so anyone who is interested will probably be confused if reading about Aurum. I can't go into it any deeper than that, because, as I said, it was a class for dabblers in Homeopathy, not for anyone who knows much of anything about anything.

There can be all kinds of reasons why posture could be strongly connected with Depression. If you are slumped over your inner organs don't work right. You can't get air into your lungs. You probably can't digest correctly so you might have heartburn and constipation. Mobility is more difficult. You will have bad circulation to your hands and feet. Your head might roll right off your body (haha, not really, but you might wish it would).

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