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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bret Michaels' Health Problems

All I know about Rock Star Bret Michaels is that he chalks up his eyes with black eyeliner and wears a blue bandanna and had a miraculous recovery from a very serious blood clot in his brain. Now he is suing the Tony Awards for the aneurysm saying that he was hit on the head by a freak stage accident 6 months before which led to the brain clot. At the time it was taken as a funny accident, but supposedly his nose was broken so the injuries were serious.

Bret Michaels
b. Mar. .15, 1963 Butler, PA

Sun 25 Pisces; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 27 Cancer

Don't have a birth time so I can't place the Moon and don't have a Ascendant for Michaels. This isn't the greatest situation for looking at the health of an individual, of course, as the Ascendant, H6 and H12 give so much information about a person's health.

Indicators for suffering an accident are shown by Mars and Uranus mainly and probably Saturn. There are other indicators I'm just trying to hone down to the most obvious elements.

Michaels is a strongly water type of person if his Moon is in Scorpio and in a Grand Water Trine with Sun 25 Pisces-Jupiter 26 Pisces and NN 27 Cancer Rx. This shows a person who is very receptive and sensitive and might hold a lot of his psychic energy inside. Of course it is a very artistic and creative element, but also can present some problems. Water is receptive and reflective. Grand Trines have a problem in that they contain the energy. There's no easy interaction within the rest of the chart which projects out into the life in some way. Water in particular likes to flow. Perhaps there is a physical stagnation.

There are two very strong elements in this chart, the Water element and the Mars element, can show a problem with sucking energy in and holding it in. There's going to be a need to be "lanced." If Michaels' Moon is in Sagittarius this will still hold only partly true and will present a firey outlet which is good but might also be accident prone. Can't say for sure without the correct placement so I shouldn't even be speculating here.

This chart Mars shows a pretty intense outlet through firey Mars as well. Mars is unaspected to other planets at 6 Leo. This is a very bold placement, great for a performer and rock star. Mars is lead planet of a locomotive chart so it in a sense leads the rest of the planets. This is a guy who gathers no moss under his feet. And this shows his incredible recuperative powers. Mars also rules the brain, at least in part, and the head. If this doesn't explain the brain hemorrhage, then it at least explains the Bandana which is such a big part of Michaels' image. If Moon is in Scorpio and not in Sagittarius, Mars further stands out as a singleton in Fire.

There's one additional element to Michaels' Mars to point out and that is that Mars stationed direct just hours after he was born. I have no idea how to interpret that, psychically it would probably require a Doctoral Dissertation to explain, but I wonder if there weren't some sort of trauma experienced soon after birth. Maybe exposure even to heat or surgery or head got squeezed by forceps.

Apparently Michael's suffered the onstage accident in June, 2009, then about 8 months later was rushed to the Hospital for an emergency appendectomy, then about 2 weeks later suffered the brain hemorrhage, then weeks after that was rushed back to the hospital for a hole that developed in his chart. This was while the Saturn-Uranus opposition was slowly passing over natal Sun-Jupiter in Pisces. Mars rules emergencies as well as the head. Appendectomies ruled by Uranus and possibly Moon and Mercury for digestive system/stomach problems. Heart is ruled by the sign that Michaels' Mars is in: Leo.

Michaels' was born in the 1960s during the conjunction of Uranus to Pluto at 3 and 11 degrees in that sign. The connection between these two slow moving outer planets in the sign of Virgo is a generation overall which is concerned with health issues and obsessive daily habits.

Michaels' chart is hooked into that on a personal level through an opposition from Mercury 11 Pisces conjunct Chiron 12 Pisces. Mercury is connected to brain function through fine motor coordination, Mars through gross motor function. Chiron represents a wounding that can't be healed but also ability to teach others through the wound.

Michaels' was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes when he was 6 years old which shows that he has led a life of always having to maintain his health. At 6 years old a child is going through his first Jupiter Opposition and moving in to his first Secondary Progressed Lunar Square. So I was amazed to find how prominently those transiting planets are perhaps placed in the natal chart within that Grand Water Trine. Jupiter is in close 1 degree conjunction with Sun in Pisces trining the North Node in Cancer and maybe trining the Scorpio Moon.

Illness can certainly guide a person to learn how to hold energy in reserve. A child who deals with a serious illness well develops special abilities. And, with that prominent Mars there would be a desire to develop psychic strength to make up for the physical lack as Mars in Leo is a rather proud placement which wants to show courage. With the strong water of the chart, I suspect there is a bit of a shamanic element to this man. Connected with that lucky Sun-Jupiter conjunction and the significant Mars placement in the chart one can perhaps understand the inherent physical vitality which can lead to such an amazing recovery.

It looks as if these significant planets are also emphasized over the month that Michaels was stricken. He was going through both a Mars Return and a Jupiter Return. The Moon hit Mars in Leo with the brain hemorrhage and a month later (Lunar Return) at the last problem with heart. And Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus 29 Pisces opposing Saturn 30 Virgo. That explains the larger than life complications involved and also the extreme good luck with a recovery. I'm not sure if he still has any paralysis or weakness involved, that would be indicated by the Saturn opposition. (He has decided to sue just as Jupiter opposes Saturn from Aries to Libra.

I'd love to see how the entire chart someday.

Nearly decapitated on stage at Tony Awards, Full Moon:

June 7, 2009

Sun 18 Gemini; Moon Sagittarius; NN 3 Aquarius

Venus-Mars in Taurus square NN in Aquarius, Mars-Uranus = Accidents

Emergency appendectomy

Apr. 12, 2010, New Moon in Aries

Sun 23 Aries; Moon Aries NN 17 Capricorn

t.Venus once again in Taurus conjunct Mercury,
t.Moon has just passed over t.Saturn-Uranus opposition in effect end of Virgo-Pisces
(this would be tripping off natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction and maybe Grand Trine)

Brain Hemorrhage:

Apr. 21 or 22, 2010

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon Leo; NN 16 Capricorn Rx

Moon conjunct Mars Return in Leo. Yod involving Neptune-Chiron, Moon and Saturn.

Wonder if this guy has Taurus Rising.

Hemorrhaging, blood circulation is related to Uranus, probably in relation to the Jupiter which is related to uncontrollable growth, also Neptune.

Hole in Heart,

Sun 30 Taurus; Moon end of Leo; NN 15 Capricorn Rx

t-square with apex Sun squaring Moon-Mars opposing Neptune-Chiron 29 Aquarius-1 Pisces. Lunar Return (conjunct Mars Return) from original appendectomy) Wow, what a month.

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