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Monday, March 14, 2011

F%ck a Duck

Just read that insurance company Aflac has fired the comedian who has played the voice of its company Duck logo for the past 10 years. Gilbert Gottfried published jokes on his Twitter account about the tragedies in Japan over the week-end. Twitter is certainly made for people who can think of one-liners. Problem is, once it goes out there, you can't take it back.

I wanted to check the guy's chart to see if he has Mercury Retro or something. Actually, I wanted to see what kind of Mercury and Venus a guy has who can make a living off of talking like a duck for 10 years.

Turns out Gottfried's got a chart that could compare with a nuclear power plant, a 9.0 earthquake or a tsunami. Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

And, yeah, I thought, wow, Pisces are supposed to be sensitive. Well, if you just watched those waves take over the Japanese coastline I guess you know how that goes. These guys are just like the rest of us, just some of them can figure out how to get away with it. And if you saw how big those waves were you know sort of how they do it.

And so, answer here is: bad luck, Mars was transiting over Gottfried's Sun over the week-end. The guy just had an impulse control problem. To top it off, natal Sun is unaspected which means that it doesn't flow with the rest of the planets in his chart. When Gottfried's Sun receives a transit or such, it just balloons out and projects. That's why the guy is a performer. Just now he will be performing for some other company.

Pisces does explain the alter ego with the shore bird.

Gilbert Gottfried
b. Feb. 28, 1955 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 10 Pisces; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 3 Capricorn

A person's voice is shown through his natal Mercury and Venus. I don't have a birth time so can't look at what was going on with the Ascendant and Midheaven, or Houses.

Gottfried's Mercury is 15 Aquarius and is unaspected to other planets in his chart. Like his natal Sun, his Mercury, planet of communication and talkie talk, just tends to take on a life of its own. In Aquarius things get a little electrical, a little fast, very intuitive and very weird. Shock value. So when Gottfried riffs, he takes it out as far and as zany as it can go. And the Internet, ruled by Mercury and Aquarius, goes out really, really far, all the way to the CEO at Aflac.

And then there's that thing about how everything you put out there is permanent and turns almost instantly into a demerit against you. Nobody on the Internet can afford to read your jokes and laugh. Nothing's more inappropriate than sitting in an Internet hot spot and actually LOL'ing into a computer screen. That's just plain creepy (LOL) and maybe that's why there's no sense of humor on the internet and why people are content to post pictures of baby animals (ROTFLOL).

Unaspected Sun. Unaspected Mercury. Didn't the insurance company cover him for this part of his personality? Maybe he's eligible for workman's comp. You can sort of just imagine him sitting there, watching all that CNN footage (I even found myself watching FOX for a while) and freaking out, probably drinking, and typing into his iphone whatever came to mind. And unfortunately he was on a roll. Mars transits only come along once every two years. Too bad about the Send Button. Press it. Drink Me. It's so much Fun.

And then about a week later you will think about what the hell you just did.

Gottfried's Mercury has progressed to 8 Taurus. He's in the early stage of learning the Taurus way. Don't know what that means, but it's definitely working at a slower pace. Maybe his next gig will be to mimic a Bull. Maybe he'll just kick more shit. Did I mention that he just had a Nodal Return in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. That's some guilty shit, for sure.

Mercury is what you say and how you say it. Your actual voice is ruled by Venus, the way your throat resonates. Gottfried's natal Venus is at 26 Capricorn. That's sort of dry and crusty and I don't want to know how old his first girlfriend was. Capricorn does like Black Humor though and with natal Venus opposing Jupiter 21 Cancer conjunct Uranus 25 Cancer and squaring Neptune 28 Libra one can see that something special and light hearted is related to the voice here.

Right now, progressed Venus is at 2 Aries. Whatever his new Mercury doesn't kick, his new Venus will ram into.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, just some notes about cycles: Just after Solar Return and Nodal Return c. Pluto.

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