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Monday, March 14, 2011

California Nuclear Power Plants

I've looked up some of the California Power Plants and have found some pretty disturbing astrology. I remember that people living in San Luis Obispo are given Potassium Iodide pills when they move in to the area in case the Nuclear Reactor fails. Both Power Plants are built on choice real estate by the ocean.

Diablo Canyon, Avila Beach outside of San Luis Obispo, Central California

Unit 1 commissioned May 7, 1985

Sun 18 Taurus; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 19 Taurus

Sun opposite Saturn layered over the Nodal Axis in Taurus/Scorpio

Unit 2 commissioned March 13, 1986

Sun 23 Pisces; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 3 Taurus

PLuto conjunct the South Node in Scorpio
Sun 23 Pisces squares Uranus 23 Sagittarius conjunct Mars 23 Sagittarius. Neptune is at 6 Capricorn. Well, I guess if the Pluto transit-t-square last year didn't take this thing out it can survive just about anything. Helps that the area didn't have a major earthquake.

San Onofre

Unit 1 closed.

Commission Date for Unit 2: Aug. 8, 1983

Sun 16 Leo; Moon Leo; NN 23 Gemini

New Moon in Leo possibly.
Neptune is conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius.
Jupiter conjunct Uranus 2 and 6 Sagittarius trining Mars 27 Cancer.
Saturn conjunct Pluto 29-28 Libra squaring Mars 27 Cancer
Coming up to Saturn Return in Libra.

Commission Date for Unit 3: Apr. 1, 1984

New Moon in Aries possibly which trines Uranus 14 Sagittarius and squares Jupiter 12 Capricorn.
Neptune 2 Capricorn SRx.
Mercury 2 Taurus opposite Pluto 2 Scorpio Rx.
Bowl Lead Planet Pluto.
No Air.
Pluto, Saturn, Mars all in Scorpio at different spots so this might be very vulnerable either when Saturn has Return in a couple of years or when Pluto moves in to Aquarius.

San Diego doesn't get huge earthquakes, Thank God.

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