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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who Gets Burned During the Witch Hunt?

What with the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception ending I think we are pretty finishing up our interstellar understanding of how the collective unconscious works. Everyone has gathered round and now everyone's waking up and realizing that they don't really like each other.

So, just out of curiosity I wanted to check out some good old American Witch trials to see what might indicate some bad sided versions of what is supposed to be a good thing, the collective unconscious, because, frankly, I like a little control here and there (Capricorn Moon) when everyone comes together and agrees with the collective. I have to also say that I don't like mass mentality at all.

The Salem Witch Trials occurred in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts. There are probably some really great interpretations out there on the Internet which I hope to look up some day but haven't quite yet.

During the Summer of 1692, 19 people were put to death. Historians now say that this was probably not due to their dealings with the devil but their financial abilities, the collective unconscious was jealous of their money. Pluto anyone? Pluto does as much good as he does bad, he just is generally remembered for the bad because he's the silent type and generally doesn't brag about his successes.

Interesting that in 1692 there was a Saturn (Authority) opposition to Uranus (Crowds) crossing the Gemini / Sagittarius pole. I suppose one could say that gossip/slander/opinions/beliefs were at the root of this problem. In June when the trials began the Sun passed over Uranus in Gemini along with Jupiter, Chiron and Mercury Retrograde. It could have been a good year if Chiron hadn't been in there maybe.

So, like the current past year, Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus and opposing Saturn.

At that point, Neptune was at 20 Pisces in its own sign. People were confused. You can't ever figure out who the witches really are during a heavy Neptune transit. People were freaked out by anything they may not have understood. And this is where Pluto comes in. Pluto needs to be powerful.

Pluto was just at the end of Cancer, passing into Leo. That point is probably connected with conformity and clansmanship and emotional excess/romanticism/sentimentality (those are the negative interpretations, there are always positive interpretations). People are learning about how and with whom to place their loyalties. There's a sense that things have to be nice, but in an childish, sand boxish kind of a way. Pluto brings changes (I won't say lessons) in how power is handled so that growth may occur. This was a big oopsy moment. I really wonder which Sun Signs were most likely to be barbqued under this aspect. Wikipedia doesn't include birth dates of the victims. About 150 people were arrested. 19 were found guilty.

Mars and Venus were in conjunction pretty much the whole time in the signs of Leo and Virgo. That's a really interesting conjunction to think about in connection with a Witch Hunt and I can't really explain it but I think a hooker could.

Neptune's cycle takes 165 years to pass around the astrological wheel. Neptune was discovered in 1846 during his next pass in to his own sign.

The Communist Manifesto was published at that point (please see Adrian Ross Duncan's article about Neptune in Pisces (he's such an excellent astrologer and writer: http://www.world-of-wisdom.com/blog/neptune-in-pisces/33/). This was the good side of Neptune, the Civil Rights side.

Neptune's last pass through Pisces in the United States contains the last years of Slavery before the Civil War. Neptune rules Slavery. So at that time the good side of Neptune was also playing out in the U.S. The War didn't happen until Neptune passed into Aries, though. Neptune prefers hangings, poisonings, and big regrets. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and, in the art world at least, you can always count on the Pisces to get really bored with "same old, same old." They have a great sense of what's not working. It is the sign which signifies "Letting Go" For those of us who aren't good at letting go, Neptune moves in and clouds things up for a time so that we just in the end wake up one day and wonder what the hell just happened.

It's been another 165 years and Neptune will pass into Pisces next Month once again. We can maybe purchase a gas mask over the Internet. Hope we're not heading into any more Witch Trials, ehrrr.

World of Wisdom says that psychics will be in demand. I sort of think it's a good time to keep the psychic thing on the down low. Don't confuse people. Just be the first to say that nothing's working and we need something new. If you really want to succeed in life grow some pot (not really, that's a joke, I hate the stuff). This will be a time when people could be thinking there's just not enough Love to go around. The psychic stuff just can be a little annoying.

I looked up the McCarthy Era which was the last great American Witch Trial. This occurred because of Political paranoias and in-tolerance rather than Religiosity. J.Edgar Hoover was doing some pretty crazy stuff in order to keep things under control. He was a Capricorn so the Sun Sign astrology works out pretty well here with the control and authority symbology.

What does this mean? The U.S. seems to enjoy Pluto in Leo in which to celebrate its Witch Hunts? Well, Pluto was again in Leo. I wonder if this is because due to its orbit Pluto has to spend so much time in Cancer and Leo, it just sort of bends in on itself, the power thing.

Wikipedia lists a bunch of names of people who were black-listed during that era and I just had to look up their Sun Signs -- Gemini Rising? People's lives were wrecked just because somebody had a bad feeling about them and decided to tattle.

For my own curiosity I checked out which signs got into trouble. Who was accused of being a Communist? "The List." Amazing. By a long shot the people who got black-listed were Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. (4 birth dates weren't available through Wikipedia so this isn't a complete list).

Which Signs fared the best? Who are the folks who can sail through a mass lynching and not get tagged? Pretty interesting. Leo. Virgo. Libra. Aquarius. The innocent bystanders of the Zodiac. Well, maybe Leo's not really known for taking a neutral stance. But, when Pluto's transiting over your Sun the ball is in your court. You might be forced to fly the plane. The other 3 signs, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius are very good at maintaining neutrality. They're the pros.

The rest of the signs, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn were in the middle of the road regards accusations. And, as I said, J.Edgar Hoover was a Capricorn.

I should have paid more attention to what Chiron was doing. I think he is often very connected with being accused of things one hasn't done.

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