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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knut Dies On The SuperMoon

Knut the Amazing Polar Bear has died at the Berlin Zoo today. He was only 5 years old. He passed at some time in the afternoon as 600 or 700 visitors watched.

I don't have a birth time for Knut but he was most likely a Sagittarius with Gemini Moon. This means that he was a Full Moon baby himself. His Moon was probably placed (can't say for sure without a birth time) in an exceptional way in his natal chart as it was traveling fast and was out of bounds. This says that there was something exceptional about how he was nurtured and that he probably lived with a hypersensitivity of some sort. His story seems to describes some of this. As befits a Gemini Moon Knut was born with a twin brother. Gemini is the sign of the Twins. However, the boys' Mother (Moon) rejected them soon after they were born. The Brother died 4 days later (More sorrow). This means that Knut's progressed Sun was very close in degree to where the transiting Sun was when his brother was born. (4 days per each year). But Knut was surrounded by a great deal of attention by the zookeepers and managed to be the first to survive birth in captivity. He became a great public success (Moon). Even his death happened before a huge crowd as his progressed Moon may have been in conjunction with his natal Saturn.

In his progressed chart Knut's Mercury (sibling) and Mars (brother) were in exact conjunction with his natal Jupiter at 3 Sagittarius.

I've written a post previously about how most Polar Bears are Sagittarians (doi) because they are born in December. That certainly explains why they are so loveable. It possibly explains how their existence became unstable as Pluto transited through that sign.

Knut's natal Saturn was stationing Retrograde at 26 Leo when he was born and was opposing Neptune 18 Aquarius. This could explain his captivity and broad mass appeal to go along with that heavily aspected Moon in his chart. Sagittarians need their freedom.

So sorry for your struggles Little Bear. The World grieves your loss.

Knut the Amazing Polar Bear, born in captivity, died in captivity
b. Dec. 5, 2006 Berlin, Germany

Sun 14 Sagittarius; Moon Gemini; NN 22 Pisces


Mar. 19, 2011 afternoon, Berlin Zoo, Germany

Sun 29 Pisces; Moon about 25 Virgo; NN 29 Sagittarius

Note the Mutable t-squares in these major aspects in both birth and death charts.

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