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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth to Mars...

Saw this article about weird places to visit in the United States:


and remembered the Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho. It was one of my favorite stops when I drove across the country. Maybe that reflects my Sun in Cancer. The place so resembles the surface of the Moon that the Apollo 14 astronauts trained there.

The article should also have added "the Badlands". Can't remember where they were, Wyoming or South Dakota or something? If you've ever wanted to pretend you were a Sea Monkey in a glass full of Rock Crystals, then this is your spot.

And also "the Gardens of the Gods" in Colorado. It looks like giant toddlers just picked up pieces of earth and threw them all over the playpen. And there was a really amazing music store in the town which is connected to the park, can't remember the name.

There's also a really drive out on the road from San Diego to Yuma, heaps of creepy out of control rocks. Maybe it's just out of El Centro? Just drive through southern Utah with Beethoven quartets blasting in the stereo.



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