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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mars-Uranus in Aries conjunction and Accidents (Unintentional, of course)

Be careful of freak accidents right now. Mars is at the end of Pisces and is moving into conjunction with Uranus and Lilith at 1 Aries. Mars-Uranus combinations tend to be connected with accident. In Huntington Beach, California a window washer was electrocuted this morning when an electrical wire snapped and hit the pole he was holding. Uranus-Lilith are squaring the Nodal Axis right over the Ascendant/MC angles of the chart.

Mars and Uranus rule the Signs of Aquarius and Aries. So, perhaps this means that anything Piscean is affected? Windows are co-ruled by Neptune. The Ocean is also ruled by Neptune. The Ocean is again under siege, this time by leaking Uranium and Plutonium by the Power plant in Japan. The U.S. Navy just murdered 5 dolphins during military practices off the coast in San Diego, California and they say they aren't to blame. Anybody boasts that they are being completely transparent about what they are telling you right now? Don't believe them. Nothing that's true will be out in the open right now. Who's mobbing whom?



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