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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Signs Are the U.S Military?

I don't really get this. Maybe someday I'll read the Wikipedia article all the way through. But, ever since those illegal aliens got caught last week driving over the Border dressed up like Marines and they got caught because they couldn't tell the Guard at the Border what sign, er, what Birth date the Marine Corps is, something which apparently all Marines learn first off and remember forever probably because the Marines is a Scorpio and Scorpios always believe in Astrology, even Carl Sagan, but only because he's dead and I can put words into his mouth. Where was I with that sentence? Oh, Fark it, I'm not in the mood. There are freaky parasites who read this blog and then borrow what I say on it, especially the ones who like freaky ooga booga graphics, Secret Society, Vietnam vet gang stalkers doing their rape thing. Yes, things are getting kooky now that Uranus is in Aries. These guys used to be happy just shopping at CostCo. Secret Society, secret immigrant, it's all going down. High Noon at Ok Corral.

Anyway, no one's here to protect me from these gang stalkers so I give you the 7 branches of the Uniformed Services of the United States. Never heard of the last two until today.

This We'll Defend.
Born. June 14, 1775

Sun 24 Gemini; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 29 Leo
Mars 16 Virgo
Venus 2 Leo

No wonder, you can't count on Gemini's for anything. I mean, they might be there, they might not. Really, don't we just want to partaayyy?

The Few, The Proud, The Guys Coming Over the Border in the Unmarked White Van
b. Nov. 10, 1775 Washington, DC;Virginia; Maryland

Sun 19 Scorpio; Moon Gemini or Cancer; NN 21 Leo
Mars 22 Sagittarius opposite Jupiter, maybe Moon in Gemini
Venus 24 Libra RX c. Saturn

Uh. yeah. Scorpios can't defend anything because they get so jealous of those they help, and then they seek revenge.

b. Oct. 13, 1775 Pentagon, Washington DC

Sun 21 Libra; Moon Gemini possibly c. Jupiter 22 Gemini; NN 22 Leo
Mars 2 Sagittarius
Venus 7 Scorpio Rx c. Mercury Scorpio island unaspected major aspect

Libra? The Navy? That explains the compounds out in the middle of Indiana far from the seashore thing. Those little bunny rabbits wouldn't hurt a fly.

Aim High
Air Force
b. Sept. 18, 1947

Sun 25 Virgo; Moon Scorpio possibly c. Jupiter; NN 27 Taurus Rx
Mars 23 Cancer trine Jupiter 24 Scorpio
Venus 29 Virgo c. Sun square Uranus 27 Gemini

Virgo. Knows all. Name drops. Knows especially when to not get involved.

Coast Guard
b. Aug. 5, 1790 Dept. of Homeland Security, Washington DC

Sun 14 Leo; Moon Gemini; NN 6 Scorpio

Sun c. Uranus-Mercury opposing Pluto 20 Libra
Mars 10 Libra opposing Saturn 6 Aries Rx square Venus 8 Cancer-Chiron 5 Cancer

These guys will rush in for ya. By the time they get there they will have forgotten what the problem is. That's not their fault, it's the ADD. And they need to double check themselves in the mirror.

U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.
b. July 16, 1798 Washington, DC

Sun 25 Cancer; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 2 Gemini square Pluto 2 Pisces
Venus 15 Gemini
Mars 13 Pisces

Yeah, these guys will protect you. They might also infect you.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corp.
b. Feb. 10, 1807 Silver Springs, MD

Sun 22 Aquarius; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 16 Sagittarius
Mars 21 Virgo Rx
Venus 2 Pisces

These are scientists who don't really get involved. Aquarius.

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