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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make Way For Turtles

They say it happens every year around this time. The Turtles show up to hatch their eggs on the beach that's right next to Kennedy Airport in New York. That's what they did this morning. In order to get there they had to cross a runway at JFK. About 150 turtles waddled across this morning and Air Traffic Control stopped all incoming and outgoing on the runway in order to let the turtles cross.

Kind of a cool juxtaposition of the Man's fastest machine stopping all its motors to make way for Nature's slowest creature. And, actually, those turtles aren't so slow.

How long does it take for one hundred and fifty turtles to cross a runway together? About 15 minutes. Squares do bring their challenges. They're pretty organized folks.

The article doesn't give the time other than to say that the mass migration took place this morning.

Mars, Moon, Venus are in the of the Pedestrian, Gemini.

Neptune 1 Pisces was crossing the ASC just after 10:00 am.

And there's an Eclipse coming up on Friday in the sign of Cancer (Motherhood and Babies) which is the very beginning of a new Saros Cycle. Those are going to be some mighty fine little babies.


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