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Monday, June 27, 2011

Asteroid 2011 MD

Today at around 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (1700 GT) an Asteroid blew past Earth. Very politely without causing too much damage.

If you look at the webpage down below you can see how the asteroid is at the other end of the solar system from Mercury-Venus-Mars right now. It is inside the Moon's orbit and is even coming closer than many satellites' orbits. But it is not going to hit us.

Pretty interesting that the Sun is filling in the empty leg of the big outer planet t-square today all on Cardinal Signs. At the point of closest approach this Grand Square was doubly Cardinal as all planets were very close to the angles of the chart.

Sun 6 Cancer (H12) opposition Pluto 7 Capricorn (H6)
Saturn 11 Libra (H4) opposing Uranus 5 Aries (H10)

Mercury was in the first house 23 Cancer and rising. Just checking out the neighborhood. Hopefully not bringing in any communicable diseases.

Asteroid 2011
June 27, 2011 6:26 am PDT (13:26 UT)

Closest approach to earth

Sun 6 Cancer (H12); Moon 21 Taurus (H11); ASC 13 Cancer; MC 25 Pisces; NN 23 Sagittarius Rx (H6)

Looks like my software program is giving different degree placement from astrodienst so don't know if things are accurate.


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