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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whitey Bulger: The Gig Is Up

So, if you're a gangsta, a real wise guy, and you're on the lamb, runnin wit yer broad, hiding out in plain sight, how do you know when you're about to get caught?

Well, palsy, blame it on the t-square and the eclipses.

The FBI did an amazing thing yesterday, maybe it was 2 days ago. I actually remember looking at the photos. They published pictures of a woman as she looked a while ago and as she looked after having plastic surgery and they asked if anyone knew her and almost immediately someone did and reported her. She looked completely different in the photos. That's why I was looking at them. I remember thinking she could be half the people I pass on the street every day. And she came with baggage. She has been living with, maybe even married to, an old mobster from Boston who has killed 19 people. He also worked as a snitch for the FBI and "corrupted" the department. That makes him interesting.

James "Whitey" Bulger
b. September 3, 1929 Dorchester, Mass

Sun 11 Virgo; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 16 Taurus

Funny thing is he is a Virgo Sun with Moon either in Leo or in Virgo just like Anthony Weiner who just got caught in the sex scandal. How weird is that? Guess it's not so weird for the Virgos. Saturn was really hard on them. And someone over on the Noel Tyl forum pointed out that the recent Eclipse squared Weiner's Sun. So maybe it's the same for Whitey.

This guy, "Whitey", has been on the 10 Most Wanted List for years. Now he's 81 and on death's door and they take him in. I swear. Only a Virgo could get away with this game.

The Outer Planet t-square is right on Whitey's chart. For one, he's just entering his Uranus return within a few degrees. Uranus in Aries. I guess that's sort of a scary thing for these new kids to have to think about. Natal Uranus is 11 Aries. T. Uranus, I forgot to write down. It's in there somewhere.

This guy has natal Mercury-Mars conjunction at 6-9 Libra opposing natal Uranus. What a fast talker. Not so fast with Saturn, the slow planet, transiting over, I guess.

And then there's Pluto. And Pluto is transiting close to natal Lilith at 12 Capricorn. Well, those two are happy in the sack together. It was the dame that got him busted.

And transiting NN looks like it's the clinker. It's exactly conjunct natal Saturn at 24 Sagittarius. It looks like maybe Sagittarius is playing a big chart in this guy's natal. His progressed Sun has just changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Wow, he must have gotten sloppy for one instant there and downloaded himself to the FBI.

They say he's sick. Maybe some sort of Liver problem? He's old, that's for sure. Just read about some guy who held up a bank for 1 dollar just so he could go to jail and get some free healthcare. Maybe that's what's up for Whitey. The gal probably turned him in because she couldn't be bothered with the caretaker's role.

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