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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Set of 3 Eclipses

Looked at the eclipses because the market tanked more than 200 points today. This is something the banks have been planning I guess. Interests rates go up, Stocks go down.

Both June Eclipses have Scorpio Rising (Investments, Bankruptcy, Insurance). Ruler Pluto is in the 3d house. Guess that means that business and shrewd, quick witted types win. The Sun, Moon and Nodal Axis are all crossing the H2 (Banking) AND H8 in both charts.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition is crossing the H6-H12 houses. If you're not the one creating the shock, you the one who just got farked.

Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant from the 6th House in both charts. It rules the 2d House of Banking (expansion? or inflation? or just a rise in interest rates?). International Banking? Foreign interests taking over the banking industry? Hope you've been saving your Yen.

Europe is suffering from some virulent form of e coli that nobody understands. The Germans say it's the Spanish Cucumbers. Don't know what the Spanish are saying. Russia won't buy from either country. What rules Cucumbers?

added 6/2: (So, there were at least two very big announcements which could be indicated by the Pluto (3 house) t-square to the Saturn-Uranus opposition over the H6-H12 cusps of health. Europe is suffering from a new super toxin e-coli, one of the most deadly (Pluto). It affects the kidneys (Libra rules Kidneys, Saturn in Libra on H12 cusp). And the other announcement was that the economy is very weak and the employment figures don't look good (Uranus on the H6 cusp, which can also show the health concerns that Europe is having). http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110602/ap_on_he_me/eu_contaminated_vegetables_europe

The solution for t-square problems shows up in the house opposite the apex planet. This is the 9th House with Cancer as the sign. These two elements don't blend well and require constant adjustment, love of home. Then there is giving opinions, higher knowledge and love of other people's homes. The solution might be through what these two signs have in common. That indicates long distance travel which is maybe not as easy to do right now. Another solution is to maintain a sense of humor. There's a problem with that as well because Sagittarius usually makes fun of others as a sense of humor and Cancer feels picked on. So, if in doubt, make fun of yourself or of the Cancer/Sagittarius tension which struggles between being clingy and needy and with wanting freedom and independence.)

June 1, 2011 Solar Partial 5:02 pm EDT NY, NY
Sun 12 Gemini; Moon 12 Gemini (H8); ASC 3 Scorpio; MC 10 Leo; NN 25 Sagittarius Rx (H2)

conjunction of Mar 17 Taurus to Venus 21 Taurus in H7, unaspected except for conjunction to each other. Mercury 29 Taurus H7 also.

June 15, 2011 4:13 pm EDT NY, NY
Sun 25 Gemini (H8); Moon 25 Sagittarius (H2); ASC 5 Scorpio; MC 11 Leo; NN 24 Sagittarius (H2)

This is a Total Lunar Eclipse. You think you're crazy now, just wait.

Oh no, bring back Osama. We need a common enemy to keep us united. We'll have to bomb Wall Street ourselves!

July 1, 2011 8:54 am Solar Partial
Sun 10 Cancer; Moon 10 Cancer; ASC 1 Cancer; MC 7 Pisces; NN 23 Sagittarius

A Solar Eclipse that is a triple Cancer ruled by the Moon. Sun/Moon is opposing Pluto 7 Capricorn across the 1st and 7th Houses.

Well, Cancer rules Real Estate. I'd like to think that the Bankers are figuring that all kinds of house hunters will be out buying up Real Estate? And the double dipper will be a short term thing?

Today's Opening Bell chart has the Sun-Moon conjunction in the 11th House squaring Neptune-Chiron in H8. The Rising is 4 Leo so Sun rules the chart. Jupiter and the Mars-Venus conjunction in Taurus is in the 10th House. Jupiter trines Pluto in the 6th House. Pluto is squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition which crosses H3-9. Saturn is close to the IC but kind of strange that the announcement that the Real Estate Market is a double dipper in many spots (not in California) doesn't show a more traumatized chart. Only angle that's heavily populated is the 10th House so there's leadership. Nobody's really steering the oars. And the public has vanished. Maybe it's good to announce a double dipper just after the start of Summer. Maybe this year's crop of college grads won't end up being such arrogant spoiled brats for a change. I guess I'm old and bitter and a total failure, huh?



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