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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Angry English Boys

Young English men have been rioting in the streets. So far no one knows why.

There are 3 charts for england listed at astrolgoyweekly.com so those are the ones i'm looking at.

The boys/men say that no one is helping them so the Capricorn/Saturn blame thing transfer through all the charts.

The 1066 chart has sun at 4 capricorn c. Mercury 7 Capricorn, Uranus 29 Sagittarius and possibly moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn.

The 1801 chart again as sun at 12 Capricorn which trines 12 mars (boys, anger, agreesion).

The 1927 chart has Saturn 8 Sagittarius Rx conjunct sac 7 Sagittarius so the opinions aren't easily internalized.

There are some serious neptune-Pluto conjunctions occurring in these charts. I can't list them all because I'm on iPad and am fighting spellchekc and slow download speed.

There are also a lot of contacts with the cardinal angles in the charts, especially with radical planets Uranus and mars and Pluto.

The progressed suns for the walker charts are both in Leo so perhaps there's an arrogance thing. Or maybe they just thought is was big block party.

For understanding men we need to look at mars and mercury for young boys. We also need to look at mercury and Uranus both for revolution and for telephone warfAre which is pretty much what this is about in my opinion (for what that's2worth).

Mars in the 1066 chart is a singleton in air . Singleton planets seem to explain lots of

england's problems. This chart has singleton Uranus in fire and singleton Pluto in water. Progressed mars os this chart is at 22 cancer which is volatile and is about to be contacted by t. Mars in cancer.

The 1801 chart has mars 12 taurus trining sun. This is getting hit currently by Jupiter so the country's men are making their needs known. Progressed mars is at 5 Virgo. This opposes n. Pluto 3 Pisces. Interesting that both of the earlier charts for England were created when Pluto at the same spot within a degree at 3-4 Pisces. So t.Neptune-Chiron is at that spot. And, of course, the big t-square of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto has been hitting the Capricorn suns of
the two earlier charts.

The 1927 chart is having it's Uranus return in Aries so we don't have to look any farther really. It's also having a mars return and these two planets are squaring each other.

But, natal mars in the chart on the Aries point at 28gemini in conjunction with n. North node 1cancer. So this chart is also having a mars return and t. Mars is currently in volatile cancer on the ap and is out of bounds and is opposing Pluto.

In addition progressed sun is in cancer at 13 c. The n. Pluto 14 cancer. Cancer rules babies and so boys sometimes will be boys and sometimes they will just be big stupid fat babies.

Singletons once again figure prominently in this chart. Mars is once again a singleton in air. Venus is a singleton in earth. The girls and the boys in Britain just can't relate to each other. This is a crisis of hormones which can't express themselves.

I send my condolences to those who have lost someone in this crisis. And also to those whose property has been damaged. And to those who have actually tried to read this.

Can't look up the mercury stuff. Just too painful.

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