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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Code Red! Code Red!

I used to know a person who worked in a Hospital. She was kind enough to explain Code Colors which are intercomed over hospital loudspeakers from time to time. All the Colors had a special meaning which alert the staff to various situations.

Code Brown means that a patient has just pooped all over his bed.
Code Pink means that a baby has just been abducted.
Code Red means that there is a fire.

I actually was in a hospital once when a 20 something female with a really shaky voice came on the loud speaker and announced a code red. The same person who explained the code colors to me also explained to me that this particular hospital that I was in was run by totally incompetent idiots. I was sitting there because I was taking a friend in for some tests. While she was frantically drinking some chalky white crap that would show up on her colon scan, I was sitting there explaining all this to her. What Code Red means. How my Hospital friend said that the employees don't give a shit about the patients. I never had to take her to the hospital for tests again.

So China is a few hours ahead of the U.S. timezone wise. And I doubt my astrology program is up to date on its timing because I haven't updated it in about a year and a half. But, this is one of those stories where you might be able to save a life in the U.S. by reading the news to see what goes wrong in China. In other words, and the story gets weird I'm telling you, don't get in a car crash tonight.

Because, if you end up in the hospital knocked out under anesthesia because you need to get an amputation because your arm or leg got pinned under the butthole of a diesel truck somewhere, there might be a Code Red in the operating room next to you and instead of wheeling you out of the room stat the staff might just drop the scalpel on you and run. That's what happened in Shanghai at the People's Hospital in Baoshan District. The nurses and doctors all ran out of the room and left the patient on the operating table to bleed out. Well, maybe he was clamped because he died of smoke inhalation.

I'm guessing that they probably don't watch House in China. And they are very very pragmatic people.

49 year old patient dies from smoke inhalation after being abandoned on operating table while going through amputation after car accident because the room next door Codes Red

Aug. 31, 2011 10:00 pm Shanghai, China
Sun 8 Virgo; Moon 13 Libra; ASC 26 Taurus; MC 9 Aquarius; NN 20 Sagittarius

Wow, well, where to start?

Sun in Virgo rules the Health field.

Hospitals are ruled by the sign and house opposite Virgo: Neptune, H12, Pisces. Neptune is at 30 Aquarius Rx in the 10th House. It is conjunct Chiron 3 Pisces Rx. Hospital's reputation (H10) gets a ding. Well, maybe not from a practical point of view.

Jupiter 10 Taurus is in the 12th House. Lilith is right on the cusp. That's supposed to mean that an angel is on your shoulder. Protection from the elements. Perhaps the patient really wouldn't have wanted to survive the car crash and have an amputation? I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't have wanted to be in a car crash.

Jupiter is also in a protective Grand Trine with Pluto 5 Capricorn RX in the House of Death (H8) and with the Sun8 Virgo-Venus 12 Virgo (c.H5 cusp). Virgo is the sign ruling public health issues. I'm not sure what really rules patients but I suspect that it's 6th House and Virgo. Pluto in its own house of death is a creepy signature.

The Moon is at 13 Libra and is in conjunction with Saturn 16 Libra and the 6th House cusp. The Moon is traveling fast at 14 degrees 56 minutes. That's supposed to mean that one can think very quickly but in this case maybe it means that one reacts emotionally. Moon-Saturn on the H6 cusp could possibly show an overly practical attitude towards what is worth saving and what is worth leaving on the operating room table. Moon-Saturn and Virgo's house definitely shows a screw up due to emotional insensitivity.

Moon-Saturn is squaring Mars 19 Cancer in the 3d House. That's emotionally volatile, certainly indicates the fire. Moon-Saturn-H6 cusp is inconjunct Neptune 30 Aquarius Rx in the 10th House. So maybe it was an electrical fire next door? Mars is sparks and Neptune is fumes, maybe smoke. Neither Virgo nor Libra plays the Hero in most situations. They're all about adjusting and readjusting their own oxygen masks.

Pluto rules surgery. Pluto is placed in its own house so it does describe going into surgery. It rules the Descendant of the chart. Death of a patient?

Whatever, the guy died. I send his relatives and friends my condolences. Hopefully there's a humanitarian side to this story.



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