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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake on the Wrong Coast

On Tuesday a big earthquake, a 5.8, hit the East Coast. Yes, Virginia, that's you. Literally, it's you.

Wow, the biggest earthquake I've ever been in is the Loma Prieta earthquake and that was a 5.9. Would like to say that I'm jealous but I'm totally not. That was hell. It's also not a good testament for earthquake building standards and safety in California as we had a lot more damage than Virginia did. Many deaths, 50 or 60.

5.8 Earthquake in Virginia
Sun 1 Virgo (H9 but c. MC); Moon 22 Gemini (H7); ASC 28 Scorpio; MC 10 Virgo; NN 20 Sagittarius Rx (H1)

Moon is conjunct SN across angles of H1-H7.
Sun-Venus opposite Neptune-Chiron across angles: H10-H4.
Uranus in H4 squaring Pluto (chart ruler) in H2
Mars 14 Cancer intercepted in H8, singleton in Water, not out of bounds like it was. It's squaring Saturn 15 Libra (H11)
Mercury Rx 20 Leo (H9) trining NN and Lilith in Grand Trine

So weird. I'm busy living in terror because I'm being gang stalked by every immigrant who has a cell phone so I can't screw around with writing about the earthquake. The East Coast just does things differently. I mean, the Uranus-Pluto square is a no brainer. That's going on for a few more years so just put some springs on the soles of your feet and wear a helmet, wherever you are.

Back in my Summer Solstice 2011 prediction I wrote:

In the astrolocality chart, the Uranus DESC and Pluto IC lines run through the East Coast, practically right smack dab on New York and Montreal. Isn't all the Uranus/Pluto energy supposed to center on California? The Mars MC line runs through Phoenix. It seems that about a quarter of Arizona has already burned down this past spring so don't know what that could entail.

There was also an earthquake, about 5.3, in Colorado so wonder if it was on that Mars line. Arizona is pretty close to Colorado, isn't it?

Here's the URL for what I wrote about back in June. along with some truthful but vaguely understood ponderings about what manifested as "Our Little Devon Sharma" who needs to put his Shiva where the Sun don't shine. http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2011/06/summer-solstice-2011.html

Today a huge SuperStorm is hitting the East Coast.

Biggest earthquake on record to hit Virginia. Looks like Sun-Neptune contacts with Mercury Rx could be among indicators, but as I said I'm not looking at this closely. This chart is really intense.:

5.9 May 31, 1897
Sun 11 Gemini; Moon Gemini; NN 10 Aquarius

Sun 11 Gemini-Moon Gemini-Pluto 14 Gemini-Neptune 20 Gemini
Saturn 27 Scorpio Rx-Uranus 27 Scorpio Rx opposiing Mercury 27 Taurus Rx
Mars c. SN

Strange connections between Venus and Jupiter in both charts:

1897: Venus 3 Taurus trine Juipter 3 Virgo

2011: Venus 3 Virgo (c. Sun 1 Virgo) trine Jupiter 11 Taurus trine Pluto 6 Capricorn

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