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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Super Congress

Quickly looked up the 12 members of congress who have been ferreted out to go off on their own and duke it out over the country's debt.


The group is made up of 6 republicans and 6 democrats. 3 from the senate and 3 from the house.

2 of the republican house are from Michigan. That seems odd but maybe michigan is the only state left that's not on the brink of bankrutcy.

By astrology sign there are no Aries, leos, virgos or Pisces included in this crowd.

Libra patty Murray from Washington senate is leading.

There are 3 sagittarians, 2 tauruses, 2 cancers and one of each of the other signs. Hopefully that will work out to 12. Haha, it's predominated by the yod pattern (finger of god, middle finger in this case) of Sagittarius in conjunct cancer and Taurus.

I wish these poor 12 fools lots of luck.

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