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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pepper Spray Week

2 stories came out within a week about crowds being pepper sprayed.

The first is a story of police brutality. Occupy Wall St. students who were protesting Greed obediently sat in a line while a police man whose name is 2 four letter words, can't remember it though, systematically pepper sprayed them. The students had already been arrested and had been warned that they were about to be pepper sprayed so were completely covered up. The officer whose name is 2 four letter words I can't remember which ones hosed them down as if he were watering the lawn. He actually back tracked over a couple of the students to make sure they got a double wizz. Two officers have been suspended for pepper spraying what looks like about 10 students. The various email computer hacker people have been harassing the officer with the name that's two four letter words ever since.

The Moon is connected with the 4th House here and maybe that means that Moon is connected with using force that's sort of passive aggressive like pepper spray. You use Pepper Spray for crowd control and self defense. That does sound like a Cancerian doesn't it? We're nice until you poke us too much and then we start to walk sideways on you.

Occupy Wall St. Pepper Spraying at University of Davis
Nov. 18, 2011 4:54 pm Davis, CA

Sun 27 Scorpio (H6 c. DESC); Moon 2 Virgo (H3 c. IC and Mars); ASC 29 Taurus; MC 8 Aquarius; NN 16 Sagittarius Rx (H7)

Sun and Moon are in conjunction with the angles. Scorpio Sun is conjunct the Descendant. Moon is cojunct the IC. Moon is comfortable in that spot because this is the house that it rules. Moon, however, is in conjunction with Mars. There's volatility over boundaries, who owns what. NN in Sagittarius indicates problems at the College level. NN is in the 7th House. The officer with the name that's 2 four letter words should have waited until things moved into Sadge. Sadge's have panache and they can get away with things. Mars is opposing Neptune over the IC/MC angles which shows issues between the public and authority.

The second incident occurred on Thanksgiving Day. A 32 year old Mother named Elizabeth Macias pepper sprayed 20 shoppers who got angry with her two teenage kids who cut in line at the Ex-Box display. Macias pepper sprayed 20 people, some were children. The police have decided not to prosecute her for Felony. And, here's the kicker, Macias is planning on suing Wal-Mart for distressed which was caused to her and her two children.

How do you say "Thanksgiving in Spanish? el día de Acción de Gracias (que conmemora la primera cosecha de los Pilgrim Fathers

How do you say "I want an Ex-Box in Spanish? yo le corte tan malo.

Thanksgiving Shopping Pepper Spraying
Nov. 23, 2011 10:20 pm Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, CA

Sun 3 Sagittarius; Moon 3 Sagittarius; NN 15 Sagittarius Rx; MC 14 Taurus

This is a New Moon chart that's in conjunction with the NN that's on the point where the Saturn-Pluto opposition was on 9/11. Oh, yeah, I think this is an partial Solar Eclipse. Mercury is stationing Retrograde. Trouble through electronic, or something like that.

Mars in Sagittarius in the 1st house. That's some competitive consumerism.

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