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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Return of the Ring

Okay so this ain't no JRR Tolkien blog post, my precioussssssssss.

And it ain't no Mahler song. (Rhinelegendchen from Des Knaben Wunderhorn)

But it's still a story about a really cool married couple, a ring. And, well, eh, a toilet.

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Terry and Donna Claver have been married more than 38 years up in Billings, Montana. I don't have their birth dates and I don't have their wedding date but this particular story from their marriage sounds like a Nodal Cycly thing to me.

Terry proposed after the couple had gone on only 3 dates back in August, 1973. About a year and a half into the marriage, Donna was very very pregnant. While in the bathroom she took her engagement ring off to put some lotion on and watched as the ring fell into the toilet bowl. The couple did what they could to try to fish the thing out, but to no avail. A few years later they moved to a bigger house. This house was sold many times over and eventually bought by a group of hunters. This past Fall, the toilet froze up and broke so, by coincidence, just as the hunters were visiting their little one room cabin and removing the toilet, Terry the husband of our miracle story was across the street working on the neighbor's house. Terry asked for the toilet. The hunters handed it over. And when Terry got back to his shop he took a sledge hammer to the porcelain and released the engagement ring for once and for all. The story of how he used it to propose to Donna is really cute and is explained in the newspaper story linked to above.

Well, what do we expect from the Astrology? Rings go on the hand and fingers and hands are ruled by the sign of Gemini and its ruler Mercury. Marriage is ruled by Venus through her rulership of the sign of Libra. Venus also rules jewelry through the sign of Taurus. The ring was made of a pink sapphire. Sapphires are ruled by the sign of Virgo and Virgo's ruler, Mercury.

So, we see a lot of Mercury and Venus imagery. And here we go. This probably won't make sense.

Don't know the exact date that Terry reclaimed the engagement ring. But on Nov. 10 Mercury, ruler of fingers and rings, was in conjunction with Venus, ruler of marriage and Jewelry, at 10 Sagittarius. They were in conjunction with the North Node which was at 16 Sagittarius. I'm not sure what the significance of the sign of Sagittarius is except that Sagittarius is considered lucky and also a little clumsy. Sagittarius rules Hunters, so maybe that's the connection. I don't know what rules toilets freezing up and cracking. I think we'll just give chalk that one up to Global Warming weirdness, or maybe the weather in Billings, Montana. This transit of Mercury through Sagittarius is more significant than others because it is very long due to Mercury's Retrograde on Nov. 21. And also Merucry has had a very long conjunction transit with the North Node which rules the idea of events having to do with one's Destiny and Life Path.

Retrogrades are said to bring things back to you from the past. I've found that Uranus can as well because he rules circulatory systems and inexplicable events but don't know how other astrobuffs would feel about that.

Wish I had the exact dates. There might be a lot going on with these charts which explains this amazing event. It helps that Jupiter is passing through Taurus because Taurus, as said before, rules cash and possessions. It seems that Donna gave up on the ring but Terry continued to wish he could get it back. That's a Taurusy kind of thing.

It looks possibly like some interesting stuff through progressions in the charts. Again, I don't have the exact dates so this is very very fictitious.

In August, 1973, when the ring was bought, Mars was at 2 Taurus. This brings us back to Taurus thing. Taurus rules objects so a ring would be considered partly under its rulership. If the Aug. 15 is progressed forward from 1973 to 2011 to about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving (I used the date Nov. 10) then we notice that prog. Mars is now Retrograde. It stationed back in 2007-8. Transiting Jupiter is hanging over that point right now. Maybe that's when the Hunters bought the house. Jupiter represents luck, and also clumsiness and all kinds of accidents that occur like this.

Also interesting is that t. Neptune stationed Direct at 5 Sagittarius in August, 1975. (exact date: Aug. 17). I'm using what I'm assuming is the purchase date for the ring. Not the date that it went down the drain.

Prog. Neptune took roughly (very roughly) 2 years to come out of Rx by progression. The outer planets move extremely slowly by transit and almost not at by progression. The ring was lost during Donna's first pregnancy because she set it down on the toilet lid and it slid into the toilet where it jammed at the base.

So, the Mars and Neptune progressions probably don't have anything to do with anything. I just mentioned them because I'm always interested in seeing what planets do when changing direction whether by transit or by progression. It does seem that perhaps Neptune st r and Mars coming out of Rx by progression might be connected, but who knows.

During Aug, 1973 there was also a Venus-Pluto conjunction. The love vibes were very intense. Venus was either at the end of Virgo or beginning of Libra. Pluto was at 2 Libra. Venus rules marriage and Pluto partially rules plumbing as it rules anything that moves under ground. Venus also rules Love and Pluto rules Sexual attraction -- a minor part of this 38 year old marriage, I'm sure.

Pluto was at 3 Libra and Saturn was at 2 Cancer so they were in a close square. So, right off the bat we see that the marriage was due for a revamp during the past couple of years because these two planets were again squaring each other over other beginning Cardinal sign degrees.

Cancer is actually the other sign/planet which rule plumbing as it is a water sign and rules the home and anything that "drains" from the home.

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