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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Year's Caput Algol

Edit, I used wrong date, it's mat 26, Saturday.. Moon was in mid Leo and just rising into the 11th house. Jupiter is still unaspected on Algol, though. Found a birthdate for the victim, ronald poppo, which shows sun conjunct Algol and t. Jupiter. May 17, 1947. Am having trouble getting an Internet connection so can't correct this post. Am writing on iPad which I shouldn't attempt. So many stories of cannibalism right now. Meant to write about a bunch of beheadings down south as possible examples of how this Year's sun transited over ancient Arabic star Caput Algol. I've written before how I seem to notice that there is a gruesome story of a beheading when the sun passes over the last degrees of Taurus. This year Jupiter was passing over as well. Jupiter out of control will bring too much of something. Caput Algol is considered most of the most malefic Stars. I learned about it over at Bob Marks forum. Maybe they're discussing this story. On Sunday there was the gruesomest story out of Florida so far this year. And the way Florida is going this yeR that's saying a lot. On Sunday at around 2:00 some guy ripped off his clothes and chomped the face off of a homeless man who was passed out on the offramp of a street. The Miami herald has published an entire 18 minute video from a security camera on the Internet. Isn't that the length of a TED lecture? Anyways the guy only got 80 percent finished before a policeman walked up and shot him. Several people called the incident in. One cyclist gives a gruesome story about how he yelled at the guy to stop and he just look up and growled and swallowed. he was eating it like a zombie. First house rules the head and face. I looked up to see what was going on with the first house at around 2:00pm. Mars in Virgo was right at the ascendant and it was opposing Neptune-Chiron. That's a zombie aspect. I just wrote about how this opposition hitting the same asc/desc axis showed up in Lego theft videos. And bigger than this is jupiters transit. Jupiter was at 26-7 Taurus. That's conjunct Caput Algol although I don't know the exact placement of Caput Algol right now. Jupiter was unaspected, except c. Ceres, so was sort of out of control in the chart. May 28, 2012. 2:00pm about Sun. 8 Gemini; Moon. 7 Virgo; Asc. 18 Virgo; mc. 18 Gemini; NN 6 Sagittarius Jupiter. 27 Taurus h9 The moon is conjunct mars and is squaring the sun. This is a prelude for the june 5 eclipse which will yet again features a volatile moon, mars, sun aspect. We are in the middle of an eclipse set.


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