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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri

This kid has grown up to be every Mother's dream.  Al Qaeda's best bomb builder.

According to Rex Bills Rulership Book, Uranus rules bombs along with Mars as a sub-ruler.  Mars rules weaponry like guns and knives.  Bombs are more complicated and require an Outer Planet influence I guess.  Uranus rules all group activities, including getting killed with others I guess.  Mars rules ignitions and sparks and Uranus rules unexpected and shocking events along with innovative flair. So, put them together and you go kaboom.

Asiri's chart has a sextile between these planets with a 2 second orb.  That's pretty precise.  Sextiles show talent in a natal chart.  These two planets have no other major aspects to other planets so they work as an island influence in the chart.

Mars is at 4 Libra Rx and Uranus is at 4 Sagittarius Rx.  Those Rx's show that one needs to look at his progressions to watch for banner years in this dude's life.  When they come out of progression, o boy.  No, make that O "Little Boy."

To add to this insulated influence in al-Asiri's chart, the world's best bomb maker has an Aries Sun.  So al-asiri's Sun disposits to his Mars.  That's a lot of fire energy.  He was also born during a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Libra which shows an innate sense of what is real and what is not.  It's great for scientific creations.  It's a connection that is associated with Loss and feelings of ruthlessness which can branch out in ugly ways that are not fun to party with later in life.  Saturn-Pluto is extremely hard working and determined.  Both planets don't give up a fight easily and they are reserved so one may not always know what one is dealing with.  They like to make plans and carry them out.  They like to manage and advise others.  Mars is merely trigger happy.  Saturn and Pluto want to make you remember what they came here for.  Means business, figuratively and literally.

Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri
b. either Apr. 18 or 19, 1982  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sun 29 Aries, Moon either Aquarius or Pisces;  NN  18 Cancer Rx

24/06/1402  Hijri Calendar

This source is the list of current al-Qaeda members.  Would be interesting to study at a later date although I personally might not want to get involved.

Al-Asiri is born with Mars at 4 Libra Retrograde.  This means that Mars is in the sign of its Fall, Mars is in the sign which opposes it's natural rulership.  Mars strikes out, Venus strikes back, usually with a desire for Peace or at least non-violence. They rule both ends of the Relationship Pole in the chart. They both want to Act because they both rule Cardinal signs.  Cardinal Signs like to start things.  If you build bombs you can destroy things rather than finish them if they start to annoy you. The Mars Rx shows al-Asiri and everyone else born within a couple of months of his birthday have a special experience in trying to resolve Mars in Libra issues. That's some heavy need to balance what one wants rather than what others want. There are zillions of ways they can do this, don't have to become bomb builders.  They might have bad tempers or attract people who do.  The progressed Mars in the U.S. chart is in this same Retrograde position right now.

In al-Asiri's progressed chart, Mars Stationed Direct back in 2005-6 at 1 Libra.  That's not only an Aries Point but it has been getting hits from the recent big outer planet t-square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto.He's also also just completed his first Saturn Return, that's a time for making major decisions about one's role in the world.  He become top bomb builder.  As I said his natal Saturn is Rx in Libra in conjunction with Pluto Rx in Libra and widely in a stellium with Jupiter in Scorpio.  All this opposes his natal Aries Sun.

His attitude changed greatly when his brother died from a suicide bombing in 2009.  This is a few years after his prog. Mars SD at 1 Libra (Aries Point, comes before public).  Natal Mercury (sibling) is 6 Taurus.  Prog. Mercury in 2009 was at 14 Gemini which is that weird Gemini-Sagittarius pole connected with Arab terrorism (placement of the Saturn-Pluto opposition during 9/11).  He possibly has a natal trine with Moon and Saturn in Aquarius and Libra.  Moon and Saturn represent Family connections, Homeland, patriotism, tradition.  Progressed Mercury would have filled in a Grand Trine figure which would perhaps make him feel more motivated.  I'm trying to figure out what will show motivation in a chart.  A Grand Trine can seal off an energy (my trans of what I think Noel Tyl says) and can be connected to feeling like one has found one's calling in life.  It might be like a Vortex influence which sucks one down eventually into fanaticism.  Al-Asiri's Natal North Node is in Cancer so this shows that he would be drawn in this direction.  Too bad he doesn't use his natural talents in directing energy to develop a water purification process instead which is what the world needs in order to get along right now.  Somebody send him a book about Viktor Schauberger or something.

His Aries Sun, which as I said disposits to Mars is strongly placed in his natal chart.  It is opposing Saturn 19 Libra Rx, Pluto 26 Libra Rx, and Jupiter 7 Scorpio Rx.  Oppositions show relationships and balancing acts and a person who will engage with others.  In this case, al-Asiri feels naturally connected to the politics of his time as shown through Sun opposing Jupiter and Saturn which represent political and social affairs.  Pluto opposite Sun will show power plays with others. 

By Solar Arc this opposition is hitting his natal Uranus in Sagittarius.  With the upcoming 2.5 year long mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto along with the transiting Uranus-Pluto square I hope we don't see al-Asiri's finest hour.  Currently he's having his Saturn Return which is opposing natal Sun and in conjunction with n.Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter.  His prog. Sun is at 29 Taurus and will be opposing natal Uranus 4 Sagittarius Rx over the next 5 or 6 years.

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