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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Neptune-Pluto Sextile Stuff

I just realized a couple of things about outer planet transits.  This would be a big doi for most astrologers I guess but I'm just catching on.

When you have a long term planetary aspect this means that no one born during that time will have an unaspected planet in his or her chart.

Am wondering how that works out for all of us who are born during this long Neptune-Pluto sextile.  It moves in and out of orb and has changed signs but so many people born within the last 50 or so years share it.  Because of their long orbits no one on earth can experience a full cycle of either of these planets.  It's sort of as if we have "talent" (sextile) for understanding what most generations before us thought was mystery.  Kind of interesting how our generations aren't producing any original art, Religion has been given backseat to Science, and We are extremely materialistic.  All the natural Neptune-Pluto interpretations seem to not exist.  The Pluto in Leos have strong belief in Astrology but the Pluto in Virgos and Libras don't seem to.

Lots of ways to translate this.

Both Pluto and Neptune rule Water signs.  Water is becoming the biggest concern with global warming. There's a study from out of a school in Wisconsin about how the tap water supplies in Wisconsin (maybe it was Minnesota) and California has fecal contamination because the underground plumbing infrastructure is broken. Just try going into a Health or Water dept to explain this.  You will get nothing but denial.  Actually the reaction is so Neptunian it's unbelievable.

The other planet which rules Water is the Moon.  This functions at the completely opposite side of the life span cycles in humans.  The Lunar Cycle is the first cycle a baby completes.  It's the shortest cycle and humans have way more Lunar Cycles than any other planet. I know, the Moon isn't a planet, it's a Moon.  Curing first year of life, Babies have at least 10 Lunar Returns before completing any other planetary cycle if they happen to have their first Mercury Return at its earliest which is 10 months.  Learning how to receive Love and to reflect it back is the most important human survival skill maybe.  Maybe we just need to develop ability to process hydration in our systems before anything else.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Keep up the good work.

-reader with an unaspected libra saturn

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Keep up the good work.

-reader with an unaspected libra saturn

2:57 PM  

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