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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Legos Thefts Barcode Scams

Weird stories.  This was the Mars Retrograde where all the grown men got caught stealing Legos toys from Target Stores. Apparently this is the new hip crime which involves switching bar codes to lower the prices of the toys and then either saving them or reselling them on Ebay.  Whew, What's a Trekkie to do during a Double Dip Recession/Depression.  At any rate, this partially explains why all those Target employees are harassing me when I go into the store.  When I first saw the mugshots I thought it was a hoax and had a little anxiety attack because I know they're after me as well. 

I guess this isn't just happening in the Silicon Valley but it certainly seems as if these guys are working together.  They seem to have marked out their turf and don't steal from each other's stores.  This week the crimes became big news because a Vice President from a Tech firm, a rich guy, was caught and arrested.  Apparently the thieves print out labels at home and switch the labels in the stores and then get caught on videotape.  The guy from San Francisco is unemployed and only made a couple grand on his purchases but the Silicon Valley exec made about $30,000 over the last year.  Another guy in Oklahoma was also caught recently.

Here's a story about it. 

Had to look up the Astrology and the extended transit of Mars in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces really stands out. In the 3 event charts which I have all the information for this opposition is passing over the ASC/DESC pole.  This combination certainly could be related to crime as Mars is aggression, impulsive acts and also rules all things related to little boys.  Neptune rules deception and also self undoing.  So together they can be thought to represent some kind of theft, burglery and deceptive crime.  This year they have been opposing each other for an extra long time because of Mars' Retrograde transit, a once every two year event.

Mars has been in Virgo, sign connected with technology, details, marketing, employees.  Neptune has just entered his own sign of Pisces and he has been in conjunction with Chiron, Wounder Teacher/Healer imagery.

Earlier in the year, Mars in Virgo was also strong because he was in a Grand Earth trine with the Jupiter (Toys) and Pluto (crime, theft). Thomas Langenbach, the executive thief apparently also collects the toys. The Grand Trine might represent thefts the men got away with.  Trines often bring Luck.

Eric Francis at PlanetWaves describes all the Mars transits really well here.

Mars into Virgo Nov. 10, 2011 until July 3, 2012

Mars Rx Jan 24, 2012 to April 14, 2012  Morales arrested on April 14.  First video of Langenbach taken Apr. 26.  Curtis arrested April 30, 2012.

Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine phasing in and out most of this time.  Read Eric Francis' blog post for more info.

Mars opposing Neptune starting phasing in and out (within orb) while Mars was still in Leo back at the end of October (22) 2011.  The opposition has been extra long because of the Retrograde and also because of Neptune's conjunction with Chiron in Pisces and would have become very intense when the Sun passed over Neptune-Chiron Feb . 26, 2012 to about Mar. 18, 2012.

In the surveillance camera video charts the Sun is also approaching conjunction with Jupiter and Lilith in Taurus and is just past the Midheaven, highest part of the chart.  This puts the crimes into "The Limelight."

In all 3 of the charts for thefts which I was able to get time, date, and place, the Mars-Neptune opposition has been very close to the Ascendant/Descendant axis with Mars in the 1st house.  1st House will show perpetrators.  The other side shows victims.  I haven't looked up the chart for Target but do know that Neptune is connected to cameras and getting films and the men are being arrested because of videotape surveillance.

Sun is also conjunct Lilith and Jupiter (widely).  Boys just wanna have fun with toys.

Thomas Langenbach, Age 47

Cupertino Target Store:  April 20, 2012, no time.

San Carlos, CA Target Store: video of him stealing from same store

Apr. 26, 2012  2:07 pm

ASC 28 Virgo; Sun 8  Taurus (H9);  Moon 8 Cancer (H11);  MC 23 Taurus, NN 7 Sagittarius Rx

Mars 4 Virgo (H1) oppose  Neptune 3 Pisces (H7)
Interesting t-square over the Resources houses with Moon in H11 opposing Pluto in H5 and squaring Mercury-Uranus in Aries in H8

Mountain View Target Store:  May 1, 2012, no time

Arrested Mountain View Target Store, California
May 8, 2012  3:45 pm

Sun 19 Taurus (H8) ;  Moon 29 Sagittarius (H4) ; ASC 27 Virgo;  NN 7 Sagittarius Rx (H3)

Donald Morales, Age 44, caught San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood City or Daly City

arrested April 14, 2012, no time, 

Arrested the day that Mars Stations Direct


Todd Franklin Curtis, Age 30, from Norman, Oklahoma

Caught Apr. 30, 2012  2:45 pm  Oklahoma City Target Store

Sun 11 Taurus (H9);  Moon 29 Leo (H12);  ASC 4 Virgo;  MC 1 Gemini;  NN Sagittarius (H4)

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