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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Who is Most Wanted

Since being gang stalked I have become obsessed with wanting to know who the FBI sticks on its 10 most wanted list. The us marshals service also has a list which includes 15 names. I don't know how these different uber police de die who gets put on one list. I did hear on a radio show, fresh air I think,that there a thousands of people these law enforcement agencies are looking for. The ones who get stuck on the list are the ones they think that the public is most likely going to be able to help them find. The public is mostly ruled by the Moon in astrology. The government is ruled by the opposite sign ofcapricron. The police are ruled by Virgo (service) and by Scorpio (surveillance) and probably also by Aries (guns). These astro rulerships are interesting to look at with regards to the guys on the most wanted lists because the signs most associated with government are also curiously missing from the most wanted lists. The reasons for this are probably multitudinous (yes, that is a word,I say so). The FBI seems to handle well educated guys or immigrant guys from other lands. Out of the 10 on the list 4 have multiple birthdays so this screws up the astrology big time. Out of the 10, 4 are definitely Cancers. There may also be 2 more cancers from the guys who have multiple birthdays. This is very interesting as the moon (public) is the natural rulerofthesign cancer. Also, Pluto is currently opposing cancer. The public, and the government, are most likely to turn in a cancer right now according to the FBI. That interests me because I'm being gang stalked right now and I am a cancer. There is also an Aries and an aquarius on the list currently. The signs probably shift according to where the outer planets are transitting but that would require years of research. The u.s. Marshalls service is hunting a much more wild bunch of folks. Also, a much more varied bunch as most of the signs are represented on the list. The only signs which aren't included on their current list of 15 most wanted are scorpios and capricorns and if you've ever known scorpios and capricorns you know why this is. Since scorpios are most likely to retaliate maybe it's wisest not to ask the public to get involved in the hunt. And capricorns will just pay a snitch off to keep silent and to work for him, no sense in wasting useful talent. The u.s. Marshals are currently tracking 4 sagittarians and 2 Aquarians. They are hunting the free range chickens of the zodiac. There is one of each of the other signs on the list except for, as I said, Scorpio and Capricorn. This means that the us marshals must spend a lot of time sitting on bar stools and chatting up people they suspect of being armed and dangerous and purveyors of child porn.


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