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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More about Sierra Lamar and Libra Girls Who Have Gone Missing

This post was a mess so I've tried to redo it...

Decided to be Nancy Drew yesterday and went down to Morgan hill to see if some things I saw in some of the astrology charts I've been looking at would somehow make more sense if I actually looked around the scene a little. The astrology really is amazing in that Morgan Hill matches some major aspects in suspect Antolin Garcias' chart.  The information is still pretty much useless. Best to let the police do their jobs.

I looked at the big square in Antolin Garcias Torres' chart which includes his natal Sun in Aries and the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn and wanted to see if imagery associated with those aspects would be mirrored in the environment.  Very far fetched thinking but Morgan Hill is so full of the imagery associated with Uranus and Neptune and Capricorn.  I had never noticed how many electrical towers (Sun, Uranus) are running over the hills there.  I had no idea how many ponds and reservoirs (Neptune) are located there, mostly they are up in the hills (Capricorn).  I thought that perhaps when under stress he would gravitate towards areas where these elements sort of meet up and that could maybe help describe what he did with Sierra (if he is indeed guilty of the crime).  Mostly I was hoping to find spots where electrical or cell phone towers are placed high up in hills and next to big bodies of water.  Neptune is generally associated with huge bodies of water like the ocean.  And the Moon might be more associated with smaller ponds and lakes. 

The police say they are pretty sure that Garcia Torres murdered Sierra.  A person with a Sun-Neptune square can be very elusive and deceptive. In the past this man has been suspected of attacking women with tasers. That would certainly fit a method of attack by someone with Sun in Aries (Impulse) squaring Uranus (electricity, sudden, shock and surprise). In connection with Neptune one might also expect use of drugs and gasses, lies and deception. The motive for a murder committed by this person would be to get a high out of having total control over someone. With Uranus one might expect gang affiliation, or working with friends or groups of people.  In Capricorn, one would want social status.  The Moon was in conjunction with Pluto around the time of Sierra's disappearance which shows an abduction.  She may have been abducted, though, for financial needs. 

Whereas a Sun-Mars aspect would show bloody violence, a Uranus-Neptune aspect would use gadgets, technology, poisons.  And, in the sign of Capricorn, one might expect a strong need to control another.  Humiliation connected with failure of the father or any other authority figure would be strongly internalized in this person. And, if the Moon is in aspect the influence from the mother could produce a double whammy tension. It's important to realize that hundreds of thousands of people on earth were born with this aspect and have found just as many positive ways to express the energy.

Capricorn rules social climbing through his signature the goat.  Goats like to climb and to be on the top of things.  Capricorn's mascot is strange, though, in that the image of the goat has a fishes' tail. This sign has deep insecurities and struggles always with the fear of failure and of social humiliation. At any rate, Capricorn is the goat who wants to always climb. Being stuck in a Valley could be a very negative or a very empowering image for Capricorn depending on how life treats him and supports him.

Like most places it seems that the poor people in Morgan Hill live down in the Valley and in the South and the Richer people live up in the hills.

One thing to think about in looking for Sierra is to realize that, if Garcias Torres is the perpetrator here, people with prominent Cardinal signs are starters.  Often they can't finish what they start, or do a sloppy job in the finishing.  So, unless he was working with mutable signs, there may be details connected with the crime which didn't get finished.

Obviously, I know that the police have been trolling the reservoirs looking for Sierra. A place like electrical or cell phone towers located next to bodies of water. I thought that maybe these would be the best places to look for Sierra's body if she has passed.

On Monterey road just north of Sierra's high school there is a percolation pond on one side which is actually a very beautiful boating pond. On the other side of the road is an electrical plant. There is a boating supply store and there is a storage place for rvs and also an rv park. The electrical towers fan out in all directions and go over the hills. Anyway, perhaps he would have gravitated to these markers.  Any place that he had a fond memory of from childhood might be a good place to look.I read that he said he went fishing at one of the resevoirs for all of that day, I think it was Uvas reservoir but I'm probably not remembering correctly.

 I would think that he would not put a rotting body in water where he goes fishing. He would go to the water to purify himself.  Can't remember the actual orbs but I think that transiting Pluto is hitting the natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction and sun and moon in the chart. This can be a very difficult transit for most people.

One could just leave a body out for the coyotes to and birds to attack. Because the area has gangs who had recently killed other high school students, one could easilty expect some foul play there. I don't know if Garcias Torres needed money and abducted her for money. News reports show that he was arrested for trying to conceal a friend who was a suspect from the police so he had a strong protective side. That would be the Cancer empty leg of the t-square working as a motivating factor. He may have sold Sierra in order to get in with gangs or to make money. Sierras things were all found next to a shack in a field and it's unlikely that she could survive for long without her asthma inhaler. The news reports don't really seem to discuss motivating factors. It seems that he worked for grocery stores and it sounds as if he was unemployed. Cancer can indicate a needy person who is shut out through or fear of poverty. It rules food so perhaps an agricultural worker will find Sierra.

I also started to realize that so many of the abducted young girls mentioned in the news are Libras.  Wonder why this would be.  Libra is definitely the sign of the Charmer.  It is ruled by Venus who is considered the essence of female energy. It seems that many of the famous recent missing abductions have been Libras.  I added a few other names and signs just for reference. 

Polly Klaas, Age 14
b. Jan. 3, 1981 Fairfax, CA
Sun 14 Capricorn;  Moon Saigttarius;  NN 13 Leo Rx

Michelle Le, Age 26
Libra, born maybe on same day as Holly Bobo 1984-5

Natalie Holloway, Age 18
b. 10/21/1986  Clinton, TN
Sun 29 Libra;  Moon Gemini;  NN 21 Aries Rx

Elizabeth Smart
b. Nov. 3, 1987
Sun 11 Scorpio;  Moon 18 Aries;  ASC 1 Aquarius;  NN 1 Aries

Holly Bobo, Age 20
b. 10/12/1990  Darden TN
Sun 20 Libra;  Moon Cancer/Leo;  NN 4 Aquarius

Lauren Spierer, Age 20
b. 1/17/1991  Manhattan, NY
Sun 28 Capricorn;  Moon Aquarius;  NN  29 Capricorn

Chelsea King,
b. 7/1/1992  Poway, CA
Sun 11 Cancer;  Moon Cancer/Leo;  NN 1 Capricorn

Amber Dubois, Age 14 
b. Oct. 25, 1994  Escondido, CA
 Sun 3 Scorpio;  Moon Taurus/Gemini;  NN 6 Capricorn
Sierra Lamar, Age 15

b. 10/19/1996  where?  Fremont? California
Sun 27 Libra;  Moon Capricorn/Aquarius/  NN 7 Libra Rx


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