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Friday, June 15, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Still throwing up from the stories about the Zombie Apocalypse which hopefully has run its course.  There's a great interactive map here which describes the events.

It's a Monster Mash...

I wanted to look up the Eclipses to see if anything super obvious would show up.  Moon doesn't like to shine really, but doesn't like to be eclipsed either.  I described in a previous post that I thought that Jupiter-Mercury-Sun conjunction passing over Caput Algol may have have something to do with this.  Caput Algol is a Fixed Star which seems connected with Decapitation at any rate.  The conjunction was in the super sensual sign of Taurus.  Taurus rules the lower jaw and chin and throat. Taurus probably rules the sense of touch as well. 

I read somewhere that you want to move high up a hill in order to protect yourself from Zombies because the undead "have a natural inclination to move downhill."  I don't watch Horror Movies so I'll just take it for granted that this is true.  At any rate, this sounds a bit like a Saturn phenonmenon as Saturn likes to climb up hills, but also is connected with falling down hills when things don't work out.  Saturn also rules the skin and many of the cases are connected with mysterious and devastating skin diseases.  Saturn during this time is in Libra and is Retrograde.  So it disposits to Venus and Venus just had an amazing transit passing in front of the Sun on June 5-6.  And Venus rules Taurus so this brings the whole skin/touch thing together into one big spew fest.

Sun in Gemini is going to indicate anything that walks the streets.  Oi.  Both Eclipse charts are splay charts so we've got a very scattered energy.  Lots of super extroverts born right now.  They'll be very creative but maybe a little ADD.  And they may need their own personal dermatologist.

The Sun-Moon eclipse set these past weeks has significant placed Mars.  Mars 11 Virgo is conjunct the 11 Virgo Midheaven of the Solar Annular Eclipse on May 20.  It is opposing Chiron 10 Pisces c. Neptune 4 Pisces.  Mars in Virgo is connected with service workers like the police and also doctors and hospitals.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4 had Mars opposite Chiron-Neptune crossing the same IC-MC axis but in the opposite direction.  Mars 17 Virgo c. IC 17 Virgo opposite Neptune 4 Pisces.  Neptune will be strong in all charts for the next 13-14 years because he's in his own sign.  He's stronger even still because he's stationing Retrograde in this chart.  Mars is also squaring the Full Moon.  Mars rules violences, weapons, and bites.  Neptune rules anesthesiologists and drugs, both are represented.

Pluto represents anything gruesome.  He's the down and dirty.  He rules the May 20 Solar Eclipse chart.  Actually he rules both H12 and H1 of that chart.  And he's conjunct the Descendant of the Lunar Eclipse chart to the degree.

Moon represents going nuts and he rules the Lunar Eclipse chart.  And he rules both H1 and H2 of that chart.

There's a lot more, too much.  Way too much.

More Mash to lighten this up.

I looked up the astrolocality charts of the Eclipses, charts are set for New York.  Maybe should be for Miami since there seems to be a cluster of events around that area.  At any rate, I wanted to see if the charts would show any standouts. 

The East Coast has a lot of linear activity in the May 20 Solar Eclipse.  Mars MC line, Jupiter DS, Mercury DS, Lilith DS running through the East Coast.  Lilith is there, of course.  Lilith is always there during these events.  The actual Eclipse Sun-Moon DS lines run off shore and down through Cuba in the Solar Eclipse chart..  The Mars MC line runs down through Haiti, so maybe it really was voodoo that set Rudy Eugene off the way his girlfriend said it was.

Here are the events that I took off the interactive map at the Daily Beast.com which is linked to above.  I had no idea there were so many:

May 16th:  12 student and 2 teachers in Hollywood, Fl school develop a mystery rash

May 23:  Lauderdale Lakes Middle School, Florida, 4 students and 1 teacher develop mystery rash in science class

May 26, Rudy Eugene, Age 31, strips naked and chews the face off a man alongside a freeway in Miami, FL.  Cause hasn't yet been determined but people are thinking it is due to drugs called "Bath Salts."

May 26:  28-year-old man on Palm Coast bit the lips off a kitten and choked it and burned its ears.

May 27th:  34-year-old contractor in Georgia chews the arms of employees at Lowes Stores.

May 27th:  Florida Anesthesiologist, Age 43, gets picked up for being drunk and throws fit in police car.  He spits blood into police officer's face.

May 27th:  Illinois man bites woman's cheek

May 27th:  New Jersey Man throws intestines at police who have been called to his house on a suicide call.

May 31st:  21 year old Man in Maryland ate man's heart and part of brain.

There were 3 cases of flesh eating bacteria.  Two were in Georgia, I believe, and one was in South Carolina.


Solar Eclipse

May 20, 2012  7:47 pm EDT NY, NY

Sun 1 Gemini;  Moon 1 Gemini (H7);  ASC 27 Scorpio;  MC 11 Virgo;  NN 6 Sagittarius (H1)

Partial Lunar Eclipse

June 4, 2012  7:11 am New York, NY

Sun 15 Gemini;  Moon 15 Sagittarius;  ASC 9 Cancer;  MC 17 Pisces;  NN 5 Sagittarius Rx

Sun was exactly conjunct Mercury in Gemini on May 27 which seems to be the busiest day.  Venus Rx at 22 Gemini.  Moon was in Leo all day.


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