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Monday, June 04, 2012

Venus Eclipses Sun tomorrow

Venus eclipses the Sun tomorrow which means that we will be able to see her pass in front of the Sun from our point of view on the earth.  Get out your paint and brushes and make some pretty pictures or plan on singing a Broadway showtune, or else the Bankers and the Diplomats will take over the earth.  Actually they've already done that and that's why everything's so farked up. 

Venus passes in front of the Sun tomorrow at 16 Gemini.  Kind of weird weather in the Bay Area.  It's suddenly raining.  I think that might be a Venusian hint to cool down.  The transit will be visible through all of the United States and most of Europe east through to India.

On East Coast time the Sun-Venus Rx conjunction will be in the 1st House at the beginning of the conjunction.  Will rise up to the 11th House at Midpoint of the transit.  And will have just passed over the Midheaven and will be in conjunction with MC. 

It will be squaring Mars at 17 Virgo which will be down in the 4th House at the beginning of the transit and will be exactly on the ASC when the transit ends.  It will also be trining Saturn in Libra which might dampen some of the extreme passion of the square.  Well, Venus Rx can dampen passion anyway. 

And the Moon will be passing over Pluto as well.  At the beginning of the transit it will be in Pluto's House 8 and will have dropped down to the 4th House by the end.

According to me the best time to enjoy the transit, or at least to have sex by it, would be around 10:30 when the Sun-Venus Rx conjunction is still in the 11th House and the Moon-Pluto transit is in the 5th House.

The Nodal Axis has an out of sign conjunction from Jupiter in Taurus to the South Node in Gemini.  It is within conjunction of the ASC/DESC axis at the beginning of the transit.  That might indicate some sort of significant event.

Mercury rules the chart and disposits Sun and Venus at the beginning of the transit, is in his own sign at 27 Gemini conjunct the South Node and is Out of Bounds so God only knows what he's got in store. 

Begins 6:04 pm ET  ASC 6 Gemini, MC 5 Pisces

Mid 9:32 pm EDT  ASC 24 Cancer; MC 1 Taurus

Ends 12:51 am ET ASC 17 Virgo;  MC 20 Gemini

USAToday Article.  Don't look directly at the Sun.  The article gives directions on how to make a pinhole camera.

transitofvenus.org  gives all kinds of information including an app to take pictures of the transit and send it in to share with others.

Last time this happened in Sagittarius
Dec. 1874
Dec. 1882

Next time this will happen in Sagittarius
Dec. 2117
Dec. 2125


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