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Monday, June 04, 2012

Horary Question: Where is Sierra Lamar's Body?

I just used Deb Houlding's website to draw a Horary Chart to find Sierra Lamar's body.  I don't have a clue how to use Horary and have only tried to find some keys once before.  The reading was correct at the time.

I used the instructions on how to find lost objects which is not exactly the same as finding missing persons.  But, so here are some of my findings.  Deb Houlding is a great astrologer.  I don't have any reason to recommend her services but if anyone's interested I would recommend her over any other Horary Astrologer.  She has a lot of integrity.  I went to a lecture she gave and she said to never draw up a chart unless asked for the information which is exactly not what I'm doing.  But, I'm going to do it anyway and beyond this ignore what I say.

Link to Skyscript article.

The ASC of the chart is Libra.  That shows the querent.  This is accurate because Sierra is a Libra.

Venus rules Libra so I looked up that placement.  Venus is in Gemini and is conjunct the Sun in the 9th House.  This shows the influence of Air which describes a high elevation, open view.  9th House is up at the top of the chart.  Upper part of a house or building.  Something might be hanging off a tree in order to show where she is.

The Moon is the natural significator for anything that is lost.  Sierra is missing, not lost.  That might indicate Neptune which is SR in Pisces.  She is probably abducted.  Pluto will show abductions so perhaps it is best to pay attention to Pluto's placement. 

Moon in the chart is in Sagittarius in the 3d House.  It opposes the chart ruler Venus.  It's opposition to Venus and placed in Mutable Signs and Cadent Houses may show that Sierra might not be found.  She is a long way off.

Moon is in a Fire Sign which can show heat.

Looking up Pluto.  Pluto isn't used in Horary Charts.  But this isn't a Horary Chart because I don't know what I'm doing.  Pluto in this chart is at the bottom conjunct the IC in Capricorn.  This shows being under the earth or under pavement or in a mine or cave, near a boundary, or in mud or stagnant water, or agricultural.  I looked on Google earth and saw that there are old Mercury Mines near the area. Could be near threshold.  Even compost heap. Since Venus is in Gemini this would make a lot of sense.  The descriptions definitely fit the area.

This earthy Capricorn influence is doubled I think because the chart has Saturn in Libra in the first house.   Saturn trines/sextiles the Moon-Venus opposition.  That might suggest best to stick with the Saturn indicators (Low dark palces, near thresholds, boundaries, cow sheds, wood storage, barren fields).

The directions tend towards South and East and West.  Well, that rules out North at any rate.

The 8th House rules abductions?  It is Pluto's House.  Ruler of 8th House is also Venus as Taurus sits on the cusp.  Jupiter is in Taurus in this House.

Houlding's descriptors for Taurus:  Low rooms and cellars, places near the earth, agricultural outhouses, sheds and stables.  Direction would be West-South-West.

Houlding's descriptors for Jupiter:  Wardrobes, pleasant woods, churches, law courts, places which are neat & orderly.

This is nuts, I know.  I hope that Sierra can be found alive and can come home to be with her family.
My question was to ask where her body can be found because the police say that she is likely murdered.

Pluto on the IC doesn't indicate a good thing normally but it could also indicate that she is being held against her will in a motel.  The Moon-Venus opposition could also show that as the signs and placements rule travel.


Blogger Donna Stanford said...

I did not read this entire post thoroughly but a few things caught my eye. I don't agree you cannot draw up an horary without someone else asking the question. However if you do, the 1st house is you, not the queried. The other person would be represented by the 7th house, not the 1st. Saturn in the 1st house of the astrologer which is you because you drew up the chart makes the chart unreadable. Same if someone ask you the question and it was in the 7th. Also the outer planets can give significant clues. Those planets were not yet discovered when most horary documentation was written but it doesn't make them negligible. Just wanted to help clarify that for you! So was this person ever found? Just curious if this worked out for you or not. I am also learning and trying to determine if what I've read is applicable or not. In my experience the above does work.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi Donna, thanks for your comments. I don't believe that Sierra Lamar has been found. A man has been in prison because Sierra s DNA was found in his car.

11:18 PM  

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