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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High tides and earthquakes related?

Picked up a tide chart for the central coast in a store and am wondering about its value for earthquake prediction. Turns out researchers at ucla were able to affirm that extreme high tides are related to earthquakes which happen in certain parts of the world. California is not included in their statistics so I don't know if it was researched. I'm on ipad so will try to out link in but may not succeed. First off I marked tides higher than 5 feet and noticed really interesting phenomenon which probably everyone knows but it didn't. It probably correlates though with whatever noticed and other astrologers say that cardinal signs are connected with earthquakes. In western astrology this is probably more true because its based on the seasons, ie equinoxes and solstices, rather than the actual placement of planets in the sky. Although I'm uncomfortable using an astrology system that doesn't use proper placement of the planets especially in a place like california which doesn't have strongly marked seasons the way that the east coast does. Apparently, I'm wrong about that last comment, though. It looks like the ocean and its creatures and a very strong seasonal change, especially with regards to the heights of the tides. The tides, of course, are also connected with the lunar phases. Water is always of huge concern in california since much of the state borrows its water from other places. The state is probably nothing like what it was 100 years ago. Right now the state is having major half ever season because the winter was so odd. We got a lot of rain early on and then have had nothing. I don't know if that means were in drought because often the water supply comes from the snow in the mountains, Back to the tides. In January 2013, there was no tide over 5.0 feet. There is a gradual build up of rise in tides in amount of days they last and in height. These occur around the times of the new and full moons. It's interesting how they don't seam to peak exactly on those days. Maybe they do and I would just have to check exact times. Like clockwork, the tides begin to peak at 6 feet on the first full moon after the spring equinox. This could be because there was an eclipse on that full moon. Maybe this doesn't happen every year. It probably does e ause I think the grunion start to run at these times. Peak grunion runs are June, July, August just before or after the new and full moons. So gross to be hunting fish right when they are spawning. Karma must be the reason that the divorce rate is so high in california. The upcoming full moon which is also an eclipse will indeed have high tIde right on the full moon. There will be a mercury -Venus conjunction so I wondering if this will affect a sell off in the stock market. Confusing because the conjunction is in Gemini and is in conjunction with Jupiter. That suggests a lot of market activity but more of a buying opportunity. Back to tides and eclipses. More than half of June has high tide over 5.0. July has 4 days below that level. August has only 2 days below that level. The height in July is 6.9 which occurs at or around the full moon on July 22. The height starts to fall to 6.5 just before Augusts full moon on the 20th. The high tides peak much lower after that and through the rest of the year. Really odd that Octobers full moon occurs 3 days before the peak connected with that full moon. October is earthquake season for Northern California. Maybe this out of sync ess will indicate earthquakes. I'd have to look at tide charts for Northern California, though, I guess.


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