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Monday, August 25, 2014

6.0 Napa Valley Earthquake

Napa suffered a pretty large earthquake Sunday morning. No deaths but some injuries and a lot of damage. I think maybe even the post office was red tagged.

 I was sort of thinking maybe the Bay Area would skip the earthquake triggers that have been in effect. California seemed to be  coming out of the big outer planet tsquare pretty well with no big earthquakes in populated spots . But, I remember from the little research that I did on the Hayward fault that past earthquakes in the East Bay seemed to happen when an outer planet was at mid Scorpio. That's where Saturn is right now (at 18 Scorpio) along with mars 17 Scorpio. Tomorrow the conjunction of these two will be exact.

Other influences which could show earthquake activity are:

Uranus c. South Node in Aries;

 Uranus square Pluto (has been going for a really long time).

Also, the new moon is approaching in Virgo and may have influenced the water table? What do. I know about these things?

Napa Valley Earthquake 6.0
August 24, 2014. 3:20 am Epicenter American Canyon, California

Sun 2 Virgo(h2); Asc 22 Cancer; Moon 19 Leo (h2); MC 6 Aries

Moon 19 Leo rules the chart and Venus 15 Leo rules the Ic and these two are in conjunction in the 2d house. Venus/Moon squares mars/Saturn in the 5th house.

Uranus/SN are up in the 10 house so the Nodal Axis is angular.

Jupiter 9 Leo is angular as well in the 1st house of the chart.


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