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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Waiting for the Grand Trine Bell

The market so far today has been crashing. Yesterday brought a nice break and it went up about 70 points. Wish I could look at opening bell charts and see if they will show the difference. The moon is the big changer as it moves quicker than the other planets. The Moon today moved into the 3d house which shows announcements. Seems that earning reports are related to moon type of companies. Family retailer target gave a bad earnings report and the market dropped. Family media company Disney will give earnings report after the market closes. This might be positive for tomorrow's market as the moon, 16 Sagittarius, will still be in the 3d house in a grand trine with Uranus 17 Aries (h7) and Sun in Leo (h11).

These charts are definitely showing the sentiment that cash is king.  Venus, ruler of cash, is up at the top of the chart and squaring the nodal Axis in the 2d (ruled by Venus) house -8th house.  The 2d and 11th houses are still loaded. It looks like maybe this planned by some intellectual puppet masters, merc-Jupiter in 11th squaring Mars. Sun squaring Saturn in same houses.

My ipad has some sort of malware.


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