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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Eat Mexican Food Bell

Doing this to calm myself down.

Tomorrow's Opening Bell still has the Virgo Rising. Virgo is an earthy, mental sign prone to anxiety and worry. Speaks straight from the hip. All kinds of experts are saying the market is going to tank. Lots of prophets predicting doom. Why don't they interview a few CEO's to see what they think. I read one article written by a guy who said that he would love to buy back into the market when it drops to 15300. So, I guess that's what they figure the market is worth?  Nobody's excited about Disney's earnings although the market did go up a smidge, 13 points today and not down 140.

Chart ruler is Mercury still up in the 11th House one degree conjunction with the Sun and trining Uranus (shock, surprise) in the 7th House. That's intellectual and inventive. Interesting announcement today that a couple of expected mergers didn't pan out just as Uranus, planet of sudden reversals, moves into the House of Partnerships. Maybe tomorrow will bring another surprise. Better weather for technology stocks. Or maybe they will all tank tomorrow.

Moon is the only planet tomorrow that changes house in the opening bell chart. Moon will be in its own house 4 down at the bottom of the chart. That's comfortable. Food, real estate, the public, babies, your Momma. Moon is on the last degree of Sagittarius (Law, Education, Publishing, International Affairs). Moon in Sagittarius might bring some news about Fast Food Restaurants or Immigration or women shooting bows and arrows.

Venus is worrisome. She's squaring the Nodes and is ruling the H2 through Libra. She is up in the 10th House trying not to rule, most elevated planet. The stock market is having serious self worth issues.

The Nodes will pass into the 1st house either on Friday or by Monday. They like to create a big event when they hit an angle but I'm not sure what kind of event.

 The planets in the 2d house, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, are squaring the planets in the 11th House, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. That's a lot of activity surrounding Resources since the Stock Market is all about Resources. Self-Worth related to having cash over Hopes, Wishes, Groups of people, "Build it and they will come type of thinking."

Not with Pluto in the 4th house right now squaring Uranus in the 7th. Don't like to see what those 2 do when they hit the angles for the next couple of weeks. Moon will be in conjunction with Pluto on Friday. That scares me a little. Very watery. Maybe somebody will come up with a new idea about how to solve debt.

 Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct, they both like a little panic but with this aspect they can't really coordinate what they're panicking about. That's adjustments between the old guard and the new guard. Jupiter in Leo shouldn't allow anything to crash. Jupiter's just my blind spot though.

Have keyboard, will type.


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