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Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Panic Button Bell

Waiting for tomorrow's opening bell on the stock market has got me spooked.  I think it's got lots of people scared out of their minds as well because I just tried to contribute to an online poll over at yahoo asking what people think will happen and the answers were turned off. Censorship can be a good thing I guess.

I've read ray Merrimans weekly post and, not that i can understand it, but I think this sell off is a boon for investors who are taking profits (at over 17000 market was as high as it could go) and are shorting stocks. They are taking profits from the midsummer slump and they will come back to play again in the Fall, right?

Merriman mentioned that Mars in Scorpio is choppy for the markets, but Jupiter just rolled into Leo. What's that mean? A lot of game playing?  Jupiter is up in the 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams and is conjunct the sun and mercury, ruler of tomorrow's chart through the Virgo ascendant.  Virgo ascendant in opening bell charts shows shrewd market activity but keeping things middle of the road?

Fed chairman Janet Yellen is a Leo who will have birthday next week. As a matter of fact, she has 4 planets in Leo all spread out so this transit of Jupiter will be in strong contact with members of her chart all year long. She will be playing the game as she decides when to start raising interest rates next year. Last week brought a rise in the unemployment rate, job market (Virgo) is a little worse than previous month. The market went up a little then crashed back down. Kind of crazy how Wall Street enjoys a bad unemployment report. Shortly after that the investors continued to sell and the market dropped down to below where it started at at the beginning of the year.

It looks from the opening bell chart, and don't quote me on this because I know nothing about the stock market, that there will be more sell offs tommorow.  Could be buying as well. The 2 d house in
the opening bell chart is full with NN 22 Libra, Ceres 30 Libra, Mars 6 Scorpio, Saturn 17 Scorpio, Moon 19 Scorpio.  According to Rex Bills Saturn represents both buying and selling. He says that rulership of buying and selling is Mercury, Saturn, Capricorn, and (house 4).  Saturn and moon will be in conjunction in h2 tomorrow in Scorpio. Buying could happen in high quality stocks. The 2 house of banking and Money is ruled by a Bull.   The fear may subside within a couple of days as the 8th and 12th that show fear houses remain empty.  The 11th house is connected to panic as it is ruled by Uranus and that has a stellium of sun, mercury, Jupiter. Media companies are reporting earnings. This stellium squares the 2d house stellium.

There will be positive reports from companies but these may not have an effect on the market
because both h3 of communication and h9 of publishing are empty. No one is looking for announcements. The media is trying to stay out of this.  There's a 7 year cycle where the market tanks
and this is the 7 the year. Investors are Plutonian types so occult influences are important to them.

The drag part of the chart is the Uranus-Pluto square. It is now on the angles with Uranus (partnerships) in the 7th house and Pluto in the 4 (real estate, swampland, unhappy public). The tsquare from Venus (money, relationships) in cancer is now out of orb with Pluto but is still within aspect of Uranus. The disruptive stuff might still be going on.

Difficult to believe there will be a crash while Jupiter is in Leo, more like all kinds of tail wagging and circus to hide it.

I don't take responsiblity for anything I just said and no one reads this blog anyway. And I can't proof it because of ipad issues with blogger.


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