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Monday, August 04, 2014

Error about Mars and Saturn in Opening Bell Chart

I think I said that mars and Saturn are in conjunction in Scorpio today. That's incorrect, they are both in the 2d house but not yet in conjunction. The moon is conjunct Saturn in today's opening bell chart. That's in the sign of Scorpio and in the 2 house. That shows a heavy influence in the financial markets, both in the banking and cash side and in the side which deals with other people's money. It shows an emotional need to start a new tradition, or to reinstate maybe even an old tradition. Emotions are tempered by a wait and see attitude. Mars in house 2 just wants to act.

The mars-Saturn conjunction will be within orb by August 10. That's the day of the Supermoon. I hope its on a weekend. The conjunction will be exact at 18 Scorpio on August 25-26. That's a Monday and Tuesday. Then the conjunction will separate by orb until September 8. It will stay in the 2 house the whole time and Mars will continue to stay in the 2 house for a couple of weeks more. Saturn will shift to the first house in the opening bell charts.

Mars and Saturn don't enjoy working together.  I think it was Rob Hand who coined the phrase for this duo as "driving with the brakes on." Both planets rule Cardinal signs so want to start new phases. Mars is impulsive and wants to jump right in. Saturn is conservative and wants to make decisions based on a wait and see attitude.  Saturn is in some weird minor aspect with Uranus. This duo can bring about panic in major aspects, at least.  Uranus is prominent in the charts coming up because is on an angle in H7 and is conjunct the South Node. They are on the 8 th house cusp of other people's money.  And Pluto down in the 4th house isn't helping. That's kind of an aspect which creates quicksand environment. Maybe good to invest in mining or anything that involves digging deep in the ground.


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