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Monday, September 08, 2014

Single Winner for $180,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

It's a bad habit. I've been buying Lottery tickets. So far, I've won a dollar. But, down in Southern California, San Bernadino or Riverside, a 53 year old roofing manager pulled the lucky numbers, 5 31 34 41 74 Megaball 3. Rick Knudsen of Calimesa, California said he only buys tickets when he's feeling lucky. His story is pretty interesting. He knew he was lucky because he pulled up even dollar numbers when he bought things at stores. Then he went to a casino and won several jackpots.

There are several charts to look at for predicting the lottery which probably would make it almost impossible to use. The purchaser/players chart has to look good. The time of the purchase might have to look good. And, the jackpot timing would have to look good. The latter is the only information I've got.

Big Jackpot Winning $180 M.

August 22, 2014. 8:00 pm place used for this chart was Sacramento, CA

Sun 30 Leo; Moon 4 Leo; Asc 6 Pisces; MC 17 Sagittarius, NN 21 Libra

Jupiter is the planet of luck so it's good that Jupiter is ruling an angle, the midheaven at the top of the chart.  Jupiter 9 Leo is conjunct the Moon 4 Leo in the 6th house.  Venus, planet of money, is also in Leo and is conjunct Lilith at 14 Leo. I had already posted about how somebody ought to win the big Lottery jackpot  when Venus was in conjunction with Jupiter and that happened in this case. Didn't happen when the conjunction was exact, but still within orb.

Neptune is significant in this chart. Is conjunct the ascendant to the degree and is in his own sign ( will be for many more years so maybe this is something to look for in future). Neptune is psychic and gets ahead just by " knowing." So, I guess the ascendant describes the winner pretty well.

The Nodal Axis is significant here as well as it is straddling the cusps of the houses that rule money.  North Node is conjunct H8 and Sn Node-Uranus are conjunct H2. Venus, planet which rules money, rules the 8th house. The mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is in the 8th house.

Pluto is the planet that rules other people's money and he's in the 11th house of hope and wishes. Yeah, no kidding.

Congratulations to Rick Knudsen and his family!


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