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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Joan Rivers Just Died Opening Bell

Today the Market hit an all time high and then dropped to lose about 9 points. During that time Comic Genius and Legend Joan Rivers passed away at age 81.  Today's Opening Bell had a conjunction of Moon-Pluto in the 3d house trining a conjunction of Sun-Lilith. Rivers was a Gemini. These are completely unrelated topics, but I just thought I'd throw them together anyway. RIP, Funny Lady.

Tomorrow's Opening Bell is significant because the Nodal Axis is straddling the Asc-desc line, i.e., an Angle. The Nodal Axis does this quarterly and I've never watched it before so I don't know what to expect, except that it might show an event. Uranus is conjunct the South Node from the 6th house of employment and jobs and tomorrow's jobs announcement might affect the Market and make it go down. Kinda weird how good news for unemployment could mean that the Feds will begin to raise the interest rates. When the rates go up the market goes down so this is bad news for the Stock Market. With Uranus things are unpredictable and shocking. The only known factor with Uranus is that the "trend is your friend." Will be interesting to see how the trine to Jupiter in Leo will affect this. Jupiter is trining Uranus all month. That should be good, right? Mars will make a grand trine with them in a couple of weeks from the 2d house of interest rates. That should be super good, right? That's such a positive vibe considering I'm expecting to see the market tank tomorrow.

Anyway, the sun in Virgo will still be opposing Neptune in the 5th house of risks and game playing. Maybe a reason to get drunk.

Pluto is in the 3d house of announcements and rules the 2d house of interest rates. Pluto naturally rules the opposite house of shared finances.

Venus rules this chart through the sign of Libra. Venus will be on the last degree of Leo in the 11th house. What will the first female Fed Chairman do tomorrow?  Capricorn moon at bottom of chart squaring the Nodes-Uranus thing. Emotional nerves hidden under reserve?  Maybe strong Federal Chairwoman holding up the markets with the might of her bare hands? Ugh, market has to crash at some point.


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