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Sunday, September 02, 2007

None of Your Business, Scum Bag Internet Spyware Companies

My Computer is about to crash again. I can feel it. It's slowing down, lights are blinking in weird ways, it heats up all of a sudden. Spyware.

I recently added a 3d spyware program and found that all kinds of companies have been tracking me that weren't found by the two programs that I've already loaded. I decided to look up some of these companies along with others on the Internet to see if they reveal who THEY are. Results: Interesting, veddy veddy interesting. Finding company founding dates would require more research than I'm into doing right now. Many companies went public and then went private. That's suspicious right there. I can't imagine trying to run one of these companies while under Government scrutiny. It's amusing just from a sociological point of view to watch the funky intercultural segregation of the employees between the different companies. I bet each funky intercultural segregated company spies on members of society who belong to other funky intercultural segregated companies, kind of like an underground Cultural War between Marketing campaigns.

One of the companies, in an effort to plug their services to future clients talked about Internet users as "The Audience." Is an Internet user an Audience? Really? I don't think of myself that way. Dear Scum Bag Marketing Ad Executive Vulture type Freak, I would rather be called a "Participant" or "Person" or "Visitor" or, in realistic terms "Victim of your Lack of Ethics to snoop into my Personal Behaviors which are None of your Business."

First off, I found a Company called Revenue Sciences which claims to follow your behavior online while respecting your privacy all the while. What a load of Pieces of Poopies that is. They say they don't collect personal ID information, don't install software or track keystrokes. They even offer to let you sign up to "opt out" of being targeted by them by creating a "Network Advertising Initiative": http://www.networkadvertising.org/. Who are they? God? Good Willed Humans are off in Bangladesh feeding the poor, after all. Do they put laugh meters on these things? Revenue Services does list who works at their company which is often not the case. Since they don't leave cookies, or at least have found a way of spying on me without leaving cookies, but use some other souped up/satellite technology, I haven't found their little trails on my computer.

One total Scumbag Company is Casale Media. They leave all kinds of cookies and spyware on my computer that I have to scan every day. Yesterday they even left a pop-up that sort of jeered at me as if to say "You can't escape us, we made it past your pop-up blocker." On this company's website they don't list any company information. No company executives or employees, certainly no clients, nothing. They do say that figuring out how to spy on people is a really fun game for them. And one of their addresses in Los Angeles, 6320 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, is right around the corner from the office of someone who has been haunting one of the astrology forums that I've been visiting. This one member of the forum always manages to make up weird facts about astrology that don't make sense. She even managed to take over as webmaster. Curious, isn't it? Anyway, we don't have "Birth Information" for this company. But they will read this. Of that I'm certain. Obviously started up on one of the days that Pluto was conjunct the Galactic Center.

Another interesting company is Advertising.com. They have an honest to God history. Built by 2 brothers in August, 1998. That's so American and it makes the Company either a Leo or Virgo. Marketing if by Leo; Statistics if by Virgo. They are honest to God marketers, pushy ad-execs. They were bought out by AOL in 2004. Their website lists Officers so they must be legitimate, right? Thing is, their website advertises Casinos. Skuzzy huh? Gambling, must be a Leo. I only like Leos when I can see their big fluffy manes of hair on an eye-to-eye basis.

Double Click is a real honest to God Company, founded late 1995. I wonder if they were the first. They list their clients: Microsoft, GM, Coca-Cola. They are The Old Established Firms Scum Bag Marketers. They are in the process of being bought out by Google (Apr. 14, 2007) for Billions of dollars in Cold Hard Cash but other large companies are trying to stop this. There's a story behind all that, I can smell it.

I tried to research a Company called aQuantive, but my Spyware program stopped the search. This is the only one that it did stop so they must be absolutely horrid. And now they know absolutely everything about me. Well, they already did. Hey aQuantive, Did you like that StudMuffin site as much as I did?

Zedo is a San Francisco company. I lived in San Francisco for a long time and am always fascinated to watch how scuzzy companies there do everything they can to appear Politically C. These guys list their bleach toothed executives on their site, innocent as little baby bottoms. They even have a little window dedicated to telling the viewer that they have an Anti-Spyware commitment. How can you be a SpyWare Company that doesn't use SpyWare? The Marvels of Modern Technology or a Big Fat Lie? Or taking advantage of all the grey areas inbetween?

The Statistics counting companies are fascinating. Hitslink and Statcounter. They says they are counting your visitor's stats but they are really installing their software on your computer. After all, if you've got enough money and or time to sit around making up a website then your computer must be worth invading. Hide all those photos of the time that you got really drunk with your friends and ..... Hitslink will make money off of them once your income reaches 1M$/yr. Statcounter brags that it's Invisible which totally sends shivers down my spine.

MatchCraft is a Santa Monica Company founded in 2005. They list their employees. I tend to think they have more employees than clients because their graphics are so plain. Why don't any of these companies hire a real Graphic Artist to design their sites? These guys are in Santa Monica, CA. Call them up, they look like they might offer you nice services.



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