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Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Fires, Where's My Straight Jacket?

Gawd, the Full Moon's really tweaked my head. I'm soooooooo Sun in Scorpio. Pluto on the Galactic Center, that Comet Holmes is blowing up in the sky, I've maintained up until now....

Well, first of all, the Potrero Fire just happened to be in the spot where Blackwater wants to hole up. The first person declared dead was in this fire, a Navy engineer...

Two of the other fires were on either side of the Crane Naval Warfare Station's branch site in Fallbrook. Or at least I hope they were on either side. Because if they were right on the site, BLAMMO. This is the spot on the West Coast where the Navy stores its Missiles and leftover containers of Napalm from Vietnam. Wouldn't want that catching fire. Perhaps best to cover it up from all those satellite images with a bunch of smoke. At any rate, that might be Napalm and Chemical Warfare goop the San Diegans are breathing right now.

The Moon was conjunct Uranus as these fires were started, Mars angular in both cases. How do they get exact times for when the fires start?

Here are the Fires that are located in this area:

Rice Fire.
Oct. 22, 2007 4:16 am PT Fallbrook, CA

1 Cap Rising c. Pluto 27 Sagittarius
Venus 14 Virgo c. 15 Virgo MC
Mars 10 Cancer c. 2 Cancer Desc
Uranus 16 Pisces c. 15 Pisces IC

Of course, Venus-MC is conjunct Saturn-SN. And Uranus-IC conjunct Moon, NN close by.

Ammo Fire.
Oct. 23, 2007 11:49 am PT Camp Pendleton, CA

24 Virgo Rising. No Planets in 1st House. Venus 13 Virgo c. Saturn 6 Virgo, H12
23 Gemini MC. Mars 9 Cancer H10.
24 Pisces Desc c. Uranus 16 Pisces
23 Sagittarius IC c. Jupiter 18 Sagittarius H3 - Pluto 27 Sagittarius, H4.



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