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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lowering the Boom

We get to find all kinds of new ways to go about Aging as the Baby Boomer Generation Ages. Or shall we say "As the Baby Boomers Refuse to Age." Something tells me it's going to be very entertaining. Whatever the Pluto in Leo generation sets its mind to they do with great Theatrics and Panache. Saturn and Capricorn rules Old Age. Youth is ruled by Sun and Leo. Saturn represents Father Time. Sun/Leo represents Playing with Time. You put them all together, and it's anybody's best guess what will happen.

In ancient mythology there's a frightening myth about how Saturn got jealous of his kids and swallowed them whole. That's a good one to try to avoid -- don't mean to be a downer but it's a great cautionary tale.

It looks as if the Pluto in Virgo generation is getting in on the game now. I recently read an article that didn't just talk about Aging, it analyzed the different types of Aging into categories. I have no idea where I read it, but wrote down the list of things that can go wrong.

A Phys Ed Teacher of Geriatric Patients once told me that from her observations the Sagittarians age the best. So maybe Old Age is the best time to grab on to your Natal Jupiter and the workings of your Sagg House. Rex Bills gives rulership of "Wisdom" to Jupiter and Sun. I'm surprised that Saturn is left out but I suppose the Saturnians are the ones who are born Wise. Bitterness is ruled by Saturn and Mars. When you think about the Astrological Wheel you realize that Sagittarius and Capricorn are at the top on either side of the MC. It's much more fun to be at the point that's just about to peak than at the point that has already peaked.

Warning, this is just a rough study, words not engraved in stone...

The 3 types of Aging (and Rulerships from Rex Bills) are:
  1. Chronological Age (Age according to DOB) // Saturn
  2. Biological Age (Bio Markers) // Biology = Sun // Ultimate Disposition of Body = H4
  3. Psychological Age (Attitude) // Uranus, Aquarius (Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto)
Biological Markers:
  1. Blood Pressure. High: Jupiter, Mars. Low: Jupiter
  2. Bone Density. Saturn rules "Bones" and "Density"
  3. Body Temperature Regulation. Temperature Changes: (Mercury) High: Mars Low: Saturn. Regularity: Saturn, but Regulation: Jupiter.
  4. Basal Metabolic Rate. Ones' Metabolism: (2, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune). Balance between Anabolic & Catabolic Phases of Metabolism (Pluto).
  5. Immune Function. Not clear in Bills. He gives (Uranus) for rulership of Immunity but doesn't indicate whether political or physical or otherwise. It kind of gets interesting here looking for other words in Bills. Boundary Lines: (Uranus), Susceptibility: (Neptune). I assume Pluto is the big ruler here because nobody thought much about Immune Disorders until Pluto hit Scorpio.
  6. Sugar Tolerance. Sugar: Venus, Jupiter. Diabetes: Jupiter, Venus, Libra (Virgo, Mars)
  7. Muscle Mass. Muscles: Mars (8). Strength: Mars (1, Scorpio). Bodily weakness: Saturn, Moon, Neptune. Fatty degeneration of: Jupiter. Breaking down of muscular tissue: Venus.
  8. Skin Thickness (amount of wrinkles). Skin: Saturn, Capricorn, Libra, Venus. Thickening, thinning, wrinkling: all Saturn keywords. Probably also Sagging, ahem...
  9. Sex Hormone Levels: not listed! Viagra for the men (Uranus). KY Jelly for the Women (Neptune).


Some more ideas with rulerships from Rex Bills.

Arthritis: Saturn (Pluto).

Senility: Saturn

Dehydration: Water distribution: (Aquarius), Water Transport: Moon. Water: Moon, Pluto, Neptune. Vital fluids & forces: Sun. Vital fluids in nerves (Mercury)

Humor: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, (Moon)

Looseness: (Neptune)

Somersaults: (Uranus)

Joviality: Jupiter

Joy: Venus, Sun.

Vitality: Sun



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