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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Southern California Fires

From CNN I've come up with a list of the Fires that are ravaging Southern California, when and where they started and how much under control they are. Hope it's accurate, am a little short on time. I'm from San Diego and have heard that people are packing up to evacuate who rarely have to worry about this type of thing.

The charts are interesting in that there are so few negative aspects. This is an example of the bad side of the Grand Trine Aspect, the situation is perfect for letting things spin out of control. The Nodal Axis is prominent on the MC/IC axis. Also it is aspected by Venus and Saturn on the SN end and Uranus on the NN end. There is also the square between Jupiter and Uranus.

Malibu Fires:

The 1st Fire was the Ranch Fire. The Angles are going Ape Face.
ASC 29 Gemini.
Ruler is Retrograde in Scorpio conjunct the Sun in Libra in H5. Mercury disposes to Pluto which is conjunct the Descendant.
Sun-Mercury is in a Grand Trine to Mars 9 Cancer in H1 and Uranus 16 Pisces c. MC 10 Pisces c. NN 6 Pisces.
Therefore the Nodal Axis is hanging over the MC/IC axis with Saturn 6 Virgo c. SN 6 Virgo c. Venus 12 Virgo c. IC 10 Virgo.
The Moon was at 20 Aquarius c. Neptune also at 20 Aquarius in the 9th House. They dispose to Uranus. (Surprise, Unexpected events).

Canyon Fire: began Oct. 21 4:50am PT , Malibu Canyon

Buckweed Fire: began Oct. 21 12:55 pm PT, NorthEastern Los Angeles

Ranch Fire: began Oct. 20 9:42 pm PT, near Castaic

Santiago Fire: began Oct. 21 6:00 pm PT, Irvine, CA

26 Aries Rising.
Ruled by Mars 9 Cancer just past conjunction with 16 Cancer IC.
The rest of the Angles not heavily populated except for:
Sun 29 Libra conjunct DES conjunct Mercury 3 Scorpio.
The Nodal Axis with planets crossing the H6 and H12 cusps.

San Diego Fires:

These began the next day and have an upside down version of the Malibu Fires.

30 Scorpio Ascendant.
Ruler of Chart is Pluto in H1 with Jupiter. (Mass Destruction)
The Nodal Axis: Uranus and NN conjunct the Pisces IC. Saturn-SN-Venus conjunct the MC.
Mars in H8 in Grand Trine to Sun in Libra-Mercury in Scorpio in H11 and NN in H3 conjunct IC cusp.

Harris Fire: began Oct. 21 9:30am PT, Potrero

Witch Fire: began Oct. 21 noon PT, between Romona & Santa Ysabel

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