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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cram It Clown!

Here's a quote about the Urban, or "Suburban myth," that seeded in my generation. This is a true Pluto in Virgo generation myth:


From Los Angeles Times, 1994: "One of the prevailing urban myths among '60s Southern California youth was that, on one televised Bozo show, things got out of hand. A child playing Bozo Buckets reputedly accompanied a missed shot with a choice swear word. To which Bozo replied, "That's a Bozo No-no." To which the child then reportedly responded, "Aw, cram it, Clownie!"

Critical, caustic, realistic, and cynical. Born that way almost immediately after evacuation from the womb. Alas! We are the era that killed off the Clown.

When I was growing up, this story was huge. I actually remember my big brother pointing to one of the wild skateboarder boys at school and saying, "They say he's the one that told Bozo to cram it." And we snickered and we sniggled and our little childhood fangs grew another millimeter long. From the mouths of babes....

And when you look at the astrology of the long line of Bozo's who became syndicated and franchised and McDonaldized you realize how this came to be. Yessiree, it was a kid's world. A diet of Instant Breakfast, Tang, Cheez Wiz, Triscuits and TV Dinners and off to beat up the Clown at the TV Station we go.

The first Bozo was a Virgo:

Pinto Colvig
b. Sept. 11, 1892 Jacksonville, Oregon.

Sun 20 Virgo; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 10 Taurus

Pinto was an actor. Originally the voice of Pluto in the Disney animations, he cut some records with the clown suit on in 1946. "Bozo's Circus" was aired on Friday nights starting in 1949. Pinto had both unaspected Sun and Rx Jupiter, aspects that totally befit a Clown. He was born during the Gemini conjunction of Neptune to Pluto, as befits a Clown. And he had a t-square of Uranus-Mars and Venus with apex Uranus in Taurus conjunct his North Node.

Pinto's Son took over as Bozo on the first TV Show on Jan. 5, 1959. He was a Pisces and the show started just as Pluto was making its first baby steps into Virgo:

Vance Colvig, Jr.
b. March 9, 1918 San Francisco, CA

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 28 Sagittarius

Vance had a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces that was Unaspected. His Uranus in Aquarius was also Unaspected. It takes a lot of Unaspected energy to become a Clown, I guess. Vance was voice of Goofy in the Disney Animations. He looks to be a bit darker version of a Bozo. He had a t-square of Pluto-Mars and Chiron aspecting his North Node in Sagittarius. You can see how the planets seem to be ganging up on him and maybe he felt over-shadowed by his Father.

It is very interesting that Vance's (Bozo #2) unaspected Sun opposed his Father's (Bozo #1) Sun. At any rate, Vance gave up his Clown Suit in 1964. This was right before Saturn hit his Sun and opposed the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that was forming in Virgo. Mid-60s is when "they who know" guess that the foul-mouthed kid made his miracle 1960's appearance. The shows were shot live and apparently the tapes weren't kept. Nobody is saying which Bozo was the Victim. I hope it wasn't Vance.

At any rate, there was another Bozo in Chicago who claimed that he was the best Bozo of All Time (competitive).

Bob Bell
b. Jan. 18, 1922 Flint, Michigan

Sun 28 Capricorn; Moon Libra; NN 12 Libra

His Sun is in Capricorn conjunct Venus, and, you guessed it, unaspected. Wow. What a Bozo. He wasn't competitive so much as Vain. And his Sun is widely conjunct the Show's Sun so no wonder he felt that he embodied the best Bozo.

The Chicagoans really liked Bozo but even they had to put him to rest. The last Bozo show aired there on June 12, 2001. The Saturn-Pluto opposition was widely forming at that time indicating a loss of some kind. An interesting aspect is that this is close to the time of the Uranus Opposition for the Bozo Show. The natal Uranus was in Leo. In 2001, T.Uranus was in Aquarius (in its own sign) and conjunct the original show's progressed Sun as well.

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