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Monday, October 22, 2007

Give It Up for Sun in Scorpio

The Sun will be in Scorpio tomorrow conjunct Mercury Retrograde. Not the greatest transit for whispering sweet nothings into your Lover's ear, but that's not what this transit is about.

Here's a blog written by a woman who studies Bonobos.


Bonobos have sex all the time. Unlike the Snowy Plovers and the Prairie Dogs, they inhabit all the Signs in the Wheel and have probably added some of their own. Happy Sun in Scorpio.

Oh, and by the way, Saturn's conjunct the South Node in Virgo. That means what goes around comes around. If you're already attached, remember you're a person, not a Bonobo. (And check your bank statement for errors).


Blogger mrslilypond said...

Do you ever do charts for people?
If so I'd be interested.

10:44 AM  

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